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Integration of social plugins

So that you can share exciting content with others quickly and easily, we occasionally include social plugins from Facebook and Twitter on our pages. As a rule, calling up a page with such a plugin in your browser leads to the establishment of a direct, short connection to its servers. This is primarily used to display the content of the plugin. In this case, the social network provider will find out your IP address. In practice, this IP address cannot simply be assigned to you by name. However, if you are registered with one of the providers at the same time, they can create a surfing profile for you. Under certain circumstances, the platform provider can save a cookie on your computer. You decide whether you want to allow these cookies via the settings of your Internet browser.

Two clicks for more data protection

We therefore protect your privacy through a two-stage process that only allows the transmission of personal data with your explicit consent. This means that no data is transmitted to Facebook and Co. when the page is viewed normally.

And that's how it works

A connection with the operators of the corresponding social networks is only established by activating the selected button. A recommendation can then be sent to Facebook or Twitter with the second click. This is done directly on Facebook, but on Twitter, the recommendation can still be edited in a pop-up window. The consent is only valid for the currently accessed page.