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Prozubi is your new online learning platform, which you can use online for the exam in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) can learn. You want to focus on yours final exam to prepare? Then you are exactly right with us. If saleswoman or Seller, clerk or Retail merchant, with our cheap Complete packages you can prepare for your final exam whenever and wherever you want! Here you can learn online. With hundreds Educational videos, over 1500 Exercises based on the original IHK exam questionsand lots of exercises to download, you are well prepared with us for all exam topics. If you are looking for exercises, enjoy learning with learning videos and are looking for the perfect preparation for the final exam, then you have come to the right place. Learn now with Prozubi for the IHK exam.

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Regardless of whether Sales and marketing, the exam topic par excellence for Saleswomen and SellerInventory management and accounting, Economics and Social Studies - the area that is also for Office clerks and Office communication merchants is important or Business processes in retail - the exam topic for Retail merchants. If you already know exactly what you are learn you can prepare for all exam topics individually at Prozubi. For everyone who wants to be absolutely safe through the exam want to go offer ours Complete packages for salespeople and our Complete packages for retailers an unbeatable price-performance ratio. You can find them all in them Exam topics for your job in one package. But not only for salespeople, for retail clerks and of course also for retail clerks - no! Even if you Office clerk, Clerk for office communication, Merchant for Office communication or Office clerk we have the right offers for you. Now we also have extensive exam preparation for the Office management clerkon-line. With Prozubi you can Information processing (part 1 of your final exam), i.e. working with word processing programs (Word) and working with spreadsheets (Excel), learn quickly. We'll quickly and easily explain all the functions in MS Office that you can use in your IHK exam need to know. For this purpose, we have taken on all the test tasks and show you how you can solve them quickly. So you no longer have to be afraid of yoursfinal exam to have. Of course, we also have a lot of content for part 2 of your final exam.

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In addition to the Salespeople, retail salespeople, office clerks, office communication clerks and Office management clerks we also have extensive learning packages for industrial clerks. If you are training to industrial clerk or for Industrial clerk do, then you can also focus on yours with Prozubi final exam to prepare. In our combination package you will find many learning videos on the exam topic Business processes, commercial management and control (Accounting or Rewe) and Economics and Social Studies. In addition to the industrial clerks, you will also find your exam preparation if you are training for Commercial clerk in wholesale and foreign trade graduate. You can learn the exam topics commercial management and control (accounting), procurement and logistics, and economics and social studies individually or in our combination package. If you are doing an apprenticeship in the field of logistics in your company, you can use our exam preparation for the Clerk for freight forwarding and logistics services learn. It explains the examination areas of accounting and costing, marketing, procurement, human resources and economics and social studies. There are of course a few other professions in the logistics sector, and we have the right learning package for these professions as well. For example, we offer economics and social studies for the Specialist warehouse clerk and the specialist warehouse clerk or the specialist for warehouse logistics, specialist for mail and freight traffic, specialist for courier, express and postal services. In insurance and finance, where the Clerk for insurance and finance we have put together a combination package. In this combination package we show you the topics of accounting, human resources and organization as well as economics and social studies. With the help of Prozubi, you can prepare for the exam topics and brush up on some of the basics, e.g. in accounting. If you are trained as a Marketing communications clerk and you are about to take your final exam, then you can brush up on your exam topics with our combination package.

Prozubi offers all commercial trainees extensive learning packages to make it easy for you prepare for the exam can! For all training in the field Event clerk, sports and fitness clerk and clerk in health carewe have put together a combination package with all the commercial basics. This includes accounting, costing, marketing and economics and social studies. If you have an apprenticeship as an information and telecommunication system clerk, dialog marketing clerk, personnel service clerk, digital and print media clerk, hotel clerk, tourism and leisure clerk, businessman If you do a transport service or shipping clerk, you will find the right content in this combination package. Simply book our package now and prepare yourself well in accounting, costing and, for example, economics and social studies.

We also have many other learning packages for electronics technicians, hotel managers, gardeners and many other professions. At the end of the page you will find a detailed list of all professions for which Prozubi offers a learning package. Here you will also find all professions and the corresponding packages for your final exam.

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You can find the Prozubi learning packages in our online shop. Here you can find all the offers you need for your exam need. Here you can find Exam preparation seller just like thatExam preparation saleswoman. Whether sales and marketing, inventory management and accounting, economics and social studies or business processes in retail. Take a look now and choose your learning package for the final exam. Also as clerk in retail or Retail merchant you will find a lot of offers here. You can use Prozubi for your written exam just like for yours oral exam, the so-called case-related technical discussion. Quite simply online with many Examination tasks and educational videos. For Retail merchants you can find everything for them here Final exam part 1 and here everything for them Final exam part 2. So can in the exam nothing more can go wrong! Don't worry if you have any questions after our learning videos or quizzes / exercises, our experts will help you in the chat or, alternatively, you can write your question directly under our learning videos. Then you will also get a suitable answer from our experts and other trainees. In this way you can help other trainees who may have the same or similar questions. If the question is not well explained in the video, then we will also know and revise the video. The interactive part is an essential part of our e-learning platform.

As you have already learned, you can prepare for your exam with Prozubi! If you are looking for your profession, then just click here, if you are looking for more information, then you can find a lot of details about Prozubi on this page. Would you like to watch a few videos from us? Then just here Try Prozubi for free or on YouTube Check out our trailers for the topics. If you still have questions, just give us a call. You can of course also write us an email or ask in the chat (bottom left). Have you not found your job with us, although you want to prepare for the final exam with us? Then send us a message and we will try to implement it.

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If you use Prozubi in your training company as a modern e-learning want to introduce, then please contact us. Some companies already use Prozubi to prepare their trainees for the final exam or during their training with our video-based e-learning. Have you already completed your training and have good experiences with Prozubi? Then gladly recommend us to others. We work every day to improve our learning platform so that our customers get the best possible e-learning. If you have any comments on our modern e-learning, our learning videos, the thousands of exercises or our expert chat, please send us a message. We are looking forward to it! Your Prozubi team