Play radio station songs from YouTube

How does the music selection on the radio come about? Why are there so many repetitions?

At 1LIVE, we always add new music to the playlists. We pay particular attention to German newcomers. "Plan B", for example, plays ambitious music from indie / alternative and electro every day from 8 p.m., on weekends there is up-to-date dance music and DJ tracks. Music track requests from the listeners are taken into account daily and on special program days.

At WDR 2 we also have listener request days, as well as a weekly "jukebox" for listener requests. If everything from hit to heavy would run every day, WDR 2 would not be able to hold a wide audience in the long run. Some artists, songs or titles are popular with different audience groups - for example songs by Herbert Grönemeyer. It can be the case that in individual cases the same titles run in different waves.

WDR 2 has one of the largest music pools on ARD. 200 to 250 titles are played here every day. The music department also picks out something new every week. At WDR 2, repetitions take place according to a sophisticated system - between approx. Twice a year to approx. Twice a day. Continuous listeners may hear songs from the "hot rotation" more often. At 1LIVE, the repetition rate of the most popular songs is around four hours. As a rule, we don't play current hits more than three times in a 24-hour period.

Our music editors decide on new titles in listening conferences. Sound, tempo and melody / harmony must fit into the overall offer. Special software also prevents simultaneous use on consecutive days.