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The First Year (Chapter 23-End)

Literature text

"Well, you see, it was still a very funny evening," I happily note during the night. After Nick introduced himself in good shape, the ice was broken. Cara and Lucia were overwhelmed by his humanoid walker shape, because of which he is only called "God of Death". Immediately afterwards he showed off his strength a little, romped with the girls, Joana and me, and talked to us for quite a while after dinner. Now our friends are lying in their beds and we both sit, as before, on the castle roof.
"Somehow," he says with a melancholy look.
"You said earlier that everyone avoided you as soon as they noticed that you were a converter?"
He nods silently.
"Did you use your powers from time to time?"
"Only very rarely."
"I see."
We are silent for a while. Then Nick takes out a small object. "You picked it up!" I am happy.
"Naturally! And it works the way you planned it, ”he replies with satisfaction. Back when Nick left here, I made him a staff that he could use to better control his strength. He has always had problems with it, but he has visibly gotten them out of the way with the staff, as he now reports to me.
“It's really amazing how much can change in a year,” he mumbles to himself.
"Exciting, huh?"
"Hmmhm ..."
Again there is a long pause in silence.
"Would you erase my memory?" Nick blurts out suddenly.
The question hits me completely unprepared. I stare briefly into space and sort my thoughts. "Why do you want ...?"
"So that I can stay with you."
Now he stands up. He gesticulates energetically: “It will amount to intimidating everyone. Up until now nobody wanted to have anything to do with me, and only because I am ... death. "
I look at him perplexed.
“Your friends will also turn away from me when they understand how dangerous I am. All these years I've tried to get along with people, but it always failed because of ... that thing inside of me. ”His eyes fill with tears. “I just want to lead a simple life. Without people considering me a monster. "
I finally find my voice again. "And you think that can be done by erasing your memory?"
He sounds lumpy as he continues: “Maybe. It's worth the try. It's all about 'God', so ... "
“Just the god? Nick, the god encompasses your whole life! I would have to erase your entire memory in order to fulfill your wish! ”I also stood up and almost yelled at him in indignation.
But he stands there rigid. Without any movement, he says: "Then do that."
Now tears are welling up in my eyes too. 'How desperate does he have to be?' I ask myself. He's the only one I could never read the mind of. “It ... it wouldn't do any good if I remember too. Or our friends. "
Still no movement goes through his body. He looks at me with empty eyes, although tears run down his cheeks like waterfalls.
We just stand there and stare at each other. Then I make a decision: "I will grant your wish."
He's finally showing a sense of relief.
“But: I won't do it the way you want it to. To erase my memory is too risky and too permanent for me. Let me block your memory Then we'll see if that's such a good decision. "
A little reluctantly, he accepts my suggestion. As the sun is rising again, I get to work right away.
I hurry through my friends' rooms. One by one, I block memories of me and Nick in each of them. As difficult as it is for me, it makes it easier for me because I know that I can lift this blockage again. Finally only Alexandra remains.
I creep quietly into her room and put my hand on her forehead when she suddenly wakes up.
"Ben? So what's going on?"
I shrink back, startled. "I…"
She straightened up, drunk with sleep. She looks at me expectantly.
With a deep sigh, I sit down next to her on the bed. "Nick wants me to block his memory."
"How? Block the memory? "
"Hard to imagine, right?" I laugh nervously.
Luckily she laughs with you. "But why would you want that?"
I have to think twice about the question. “You know, sometimes there are things that nobody wants to remember. That's the case with Nick. That's why he came to me, because I can do it better of both of us. Blocking your memory can be very dangerous. ”I hope that she can follow my vague explanation as far as possible.
"And is there a way to get back to the memories?" She mumbles.
"There are several. Once, when one of us gossips. Even if he gets his hands on something important that belongs to him. And I can trigger it myself. ”I hold my right hand up. A small chain formed around this when I blocked the memories of the others. Each chain link has a different color.
“What is that?” My friend looks at the necklace, fascinated.
“This is my remote control. As soon as this chain is destroyed, all memories are unblocked and accessible to people again. And when a person remembers, the whole chain breaks automatically. "
"So is it not permanent?"
I shake my head.
“Well, that's fine,” she laughs happily. "I think you are with me so early for a reason, are you?"
I nod.
She points to a couple of the links in the chain. “They're all the same colors as our friends, aren't they? That means, in order to be able to block his memory, you have to do the same with us, right? "
Again I just nod. A big lump forms in my throat.
“What color will mine be?” She finally asks with a blissful smile.
Now I get up. I take her face in my hands and kiss her. Big tears run down my cheeks. "A beautiful green," I whisper before sending her back to sleep. Then I'll take her memory too.

"Are you ready?" Nick and I met in a clearing near the castle. He stands expectantly in front of me.
"Unfortunately, yes," I reply.
“If you notice that the situation is getting out of hand, you can undo the blockade. Please “, he begs me downright.
Resigned, I give in. I assume my great dragon form. If someone watches us, it will only feed the monster story with more rumors.
"Where did you actually take my staff?" Nick interrupts me again.
"Don't worry, he's in the castle," I grumble back.
Then I tap my claw on Nick's forehead, who first utters a piercing scream and then collapses unconscious. At the same moment, more links form on my bracelet, all pitch black.
I still make sure that it is safe, then set off for the village. It takes about an hour for the first guests to arrive. As I scurry through the forest, I notice an unusually large number of restless animals. But I don't have time to worry about it.
After taking care of the villagers as well, I take on a childlike appearance. I adjust my clothes a little so that I look more inconspicuous, I even put on a hat. So dressed up, I walk back to the castle. On the way I am constantly overtaken by the cars of the families whose children will be spotted at our holiday camp for a week from today. Then, a few hundred meters from the castle, two men suddenly stumble out of the forest. One of them is Nick, the other is a man who recently contacted us as an additional supervisor. His name is Ramon, as far as I know. A strange aura surrounds him. He is a wanderer, a light blue dragon. Diffuse black tentacles emanate from its head. I've seen something similar before, the person could influence others around them. I'll have to keep an eye on him.
Undeterred, I keep walking, even if my heart is beating up to my neck. Fortunately, they don't notice me and, like me, go straight to the castle. There are already tons of people gathered there. The many colors overwhelm me briefly, which is why I stand a little to one side. Once again I go through my mind to see if I have put away everything that might remember me. I even added another child to the files so that I can at least be with my friends in a certain way.
"Hey, are you all right?", Alexandra's voice suddenly sounds.
Startled, I look up and see them in close proximity to me. Again a certain sadness rises in me, but I swallow it. Immediately afterwards I am a little panicked as to whether the blockage is working as it should.
"Hello Little One. Did you lose your family Or are you all alone here? "
I have to resist the urge to hug her. "No, everything is OK."
She kneels right in front of me. Your lovely scent rises into my nose. Then she puts her hand on my shoulder. "What's your name?"
For a brief moment I feel like she is far from her thoughts. But I quickly shake that off. If she remembered, I would have noticed it on the chain. Once again I tell myself that I can undo everything at any time and take a deep breath. Then I answer: "My name is Benny."