What does the word absorbable mean?


resorb (German) [edit]

Verb [edit]

Word separation:

re · sor · bie · ren, simple past: re · sor · bier · te, participle II: re · sor · bated


IPA: [ʁezɔʁˈbiːʁən]
Audio samples: resorb (Info)
Rhymes: -iːʁən


[1] Biology, medicine:absorption of dissolved or liquid substances, for example via the intestines or the skin


Latin resorbere→ la[Sources are missing]


[1] record


[1] Nutrients are found in the human gut absorbed, d. H. the nutrients are transferred from the food pulp into the bloodstream.
[1] “Assuming that the person drinking was at 5.45 pm, a larger part of the last alcohol consumed was at the time of the stop absorbed, and about 1/3 not absorbedso that the deduction is lower and the current blood alcohol concentration for the time of stopping would have to be given as about 0.43 per thousand. "[1]

Word formations:

absorbable, resorption, resorption ability

Translations [edit]

References and further information:

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