How do I turn off Dropbox notifications

How do I clear notifications in Dropbox?

I want to remove the notifications I received in my Dropbox when someone shared a file or folder with me. The notification is still visible even though the file or folder is no longer shared with me.

I've attached a screenshot of what notifications I'm talking about.

You cannot turn off or delete web console notification. If you want to turn off desktop notification, you can follow the steps below.

find the Dropbox icon and right click on it. Click on Settings -> General -> uncheck "Show desktop notification".

The only way to find a workaround was as follows: 1.) Open a second account with Dropbox. Upload three random files. 2.) Share these three random files with your Dropbox account where you want to hide the notifications. Result: What happens is that after three notifications, the ones you don't want to be visible disappear in the invisible part (as long as you don't scroll up). They only disappear completely from the notifications after a certain period of time. This is very annoying and should be resolved.

The only way to successfully remove the notification is to right-click the notification and report it as spam. A couple of reasons for the message will appear and you will need to choose a reason. After you have made your choice, the notification disappears. You need to do this for each notification that you want to delete.

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