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Proper shopping in CS: GO - Comprehensive tutorial on money management

CS: GO Money Management - pretty much every gamer will probably say that they know how to shop properly. Unfortunately, the opposite is often observed, the monetary system is much more complex than many people think and there are often gaps in knowledge even at global ranks. With this post I am trying to summarize what one should know about this topic. I also answer further questions, e.g. in which situation, which weapons and grenades should be bought or when a safe is worthwhile (Gamesense!). Almost all eventualities are shown. I do not require much basic knowledge. The information provided is valid for competitive modes and hostage maps are excluded. Take your time and read the post. I am sure that everyone will learn something new!

One thing is certain: the financial system is one of the important pillars that characterize Counter Strike. Knowing about this can make the difference between winning and losing. So money typically plays an important role again ... so welcome to the counterstrik's buying encyclopedia!

When do you get how much money?


  • + $ 3,250 if you win a lap from eliminations or timed out
  • + $ 3500 if the bomb is defused


  • + $ 3250 on eliminations
  • + $ 3500 if the bomb detonates
  • + $ 0 when the time expires

Loser bonuses

  • + $ 1400 in 1st lost round
  • + $ 1900 in 2nd lost round
  • + $ 2400 in 3rd lost round
  • + $ 2900 in 4th lost round
  • + $ 3400 in 5th lost round
  • + $ 800 extra for terrorists if bomb was planted

The most important thing is to know about the loser bonuses. The easiest way to determine this is to add the money you get in a losing round by $ 500. The scoreboard (tab) also provides orientation, where all types of round outcomes for the entire match being played are visible.

When do you play eco / halfbuy / fullbuy?

Hopefully you now know how much salary goes into your wallets. However, it is important how you invest this correctly.
Basically: Pay attention not only to your money, but to the money of the entire team. However, the minimum principle does not necessarily apply, as drops can be used to compensate for this and possibly do without a weapon. The team's money should remain evenly distributed among all players (so that everyone can safely buy grenades + Kevlar in the next round, if the team has enough money).

When eco?

  • A so-called eco, i.e. savings round, should be made if you don't have enough money for equipment. So if not every player can be supplied with at least AK / M4 and Cevlar + helmet.
  • Another condition for an eco should be that the account balances of all players with the next potential loser salary would be sufficient to buy.
  • So current account balance K + 1400 + 500 * x <3700 (for T) or 4100 (for CT) = save!

When and why half buy?

  • Halfbuy is useful for aligning the account balances in the team. You should also keep an eye on your opponents' money. If possible, you should also kill opposing players in rounds in which you cannot buy in full. Each kill usually means at least $ 4200 less in the opposing team's account. You have to keep in mind that your opponents in Ecos who you lose always get at least + 3250 $ * 5 and that is best not to pile up!
  • Calculate the surplus from the full buy that you would have with the next potential loser bonus and invest it wisely. Few grenades can help you to get a good 5 pistol rush in economy rounds. In addition, a good scout is worth gold when setting up and P250, Deagle and co. are simply better than the standard guns. If there is a large excess, get + a Cevlar helmet. If you manage to kill an equipped enemy with a scout, for example, then 1700 $ <~ 4200 $ +, so the investment is worth it.
  • For example, if you have $ 3,000 and get $ 2,400 in the next round, then go for smaller expenses.
  • But be careful, you may have to put a gun on a mate in the next round, pay attention to this and then save 😉
  • If you have a high loser bonus and are not too far behind, then it may be worth collecting the next 2900 or 3400 and being able to have all grenades and an AWP in your luggage for the next round. So don't spend it all in this case.

When full buy?

  • after each round won
  • after a won and lost pistol round
  • When the team has enough money
  • After 1400 bonuses if it is not possible to buy. Many will not understand this and friendly objections like "cyka blyat, why you buy ?? !!" will come. You may still be labeled as "noob" and asked about your MM rank. But mostly they have no idea.
    The following applies: 1400 + 1900 <3700 or $ 4100, so two more savings rounds must follow for a full buy anyway. During this time you want to damage the “economy” of your opponents. In addition, the round could be won with little equipment or the bomb could be planted.
  • Note that a savings round is less worthwhile at $ 1400 than at $ 2900 in cash. Depending on the score and the assets of both teams, a so-called force can be useful.
  • In possible penultimate and last round of the game.

Which weapons to buy and when + rewards for kills

  • the usual value that should be assumed is 300.
  • + $ 300 for killing an opponent with all not listed below weapons, also grenades.
  • + $ 600 for killing an enemy with SMGs (except p90)
  • + $ 900 for killing an enemy with Shotguns
  • + $ 1500 for killing an enemy with one knife
  • + $ 100 for killing an opponent with AWP
  • + $ 300 instant bonus from a player for placing or defusing the bomb.
  • So you can improve your account balance by collecting a lot of kills with shotguns. If you play in a close-distance position, if you know that the opponents have an eco / half buy, these can be very useful! In addition, "jump positions" can be played very well with this class (e.g. Mirage B Dropper).
  • When shopping, Cevlar + Helm generally has the highest priority, followed by grenade packages. A Famas with four grenades usually makes more sense than an M4! Even as a terrorist, grenades should be present in the team in order to be able to build.
  • For example, if you know after winning a pistol that your opponents have to do at least two ecos (even in the middle of the game, if you have a good "read"!), Then it is best to buy SMGs or shotguns, these are useful and are often underestimated! If opponents have no cevlar, you have many advantages (aimpunch given again and more damage) and opponents damage you less (than with rifles) if you pick them up because your team is equipped with armor. Above all, you can farm more money with kills! In the next round the opponents usually still have an eco (if they understand the system correctly, then Fulleco), you can then keep your worse weapons again.
  • If you die in such rounds, let the mates throw you the worse weapons and buy them better ones.
  • But if the opponents have planted the bomb in the first round, then buy famas or, if possible, M4 and play defensively. You have to expect that opponents will do a Fulleco (i.e. not hand in any weapons if possible) and buy AKs in the next round. You are badly off against them with your “junk weapons”.
  • Don't overdo it with the knife! If that goes wrong, you lose the money on your equipment and the opponent gets scot-free with his equipment in the next round.
    Worst case: you have no equipment and fail to pinch an AWP. You could even record the AWP on Kill, so you will lose about over $ 10,000. That is more than is needed for 3 M4s and can determine the game. To farm money, pull out the knife at your own risk 😉

In which situations hunts or saunas?

  • Often in hopeless rounds you ask yourself how best to play. There are also some guidelines for this, as long as you are not Cyran and can kill everyone with any weapon anyway 😛
  • Most of the time it is known quite quickly whether the opponents have an eco or not. If you win the round safely, try to cover the weapons of fallen mates, because here the opponents will try to get money. If you have not lost any weapons and the opponents do not have any, then you should reduce your fragility and go safe as a team (as a T).
  • If you have enough money, then try to take opponents out of the game, you want to damage the opposing economy.
  • A safe is useful if, for example, a retake is no longer worthwhile. Here you have to weigh up: 2 vs. 3 possibly still feasible, how long has the bomb been ticking, do you have a defuse kit, how many grenades are left to retake, how many hitpoints do the opponents have and how many do you have yourself (possibly many Low shot = lighter) and most importantly: would your weapons be required to be able to buy in the next round?
  • As a terrorist, you should safer if your equipment has a significantly higher value than your next potential income and it would no longer work in the probable time to win the round or bring the plan through. Here, too, you have to weigh up how many opponents are still alive, etc.
  • In eco rounds it can also make sense to focus on planting the bomb as T in order to have $ 800 * 5 more in the account for grenades or similar in the next round.
  • If you have little equipment, then try to do “exit questions” and improve them.
  • It can also be useful to kill terrorists after the time has elapsed. The risk is less worthwhile if the opponent got $ 1,400 in the next round.

further remarks

  • In addition to your monetary system, you should also keep an eye on your opponents - and this is where things get tricky!
  • If you have an overview of the entire system, you can often readen the tactics of your opponents and play them "anti". Do the opponents have a Fulleco? Then you should adapt and watch out for 5er goes 😉 "rush-B - no stop" is then preferred.
  • If you would exceed $ 16,000 with the bonus for the next round, then at the latest now lay down weapons for teammates.
  • Assumes that losing opponents invest their whole wallet in the penultimate and final round of the game.
  • On CT-Side, buying Bodyarmor ($ 650) may be enough. This is useful if you are CT, all opponents have AK / Awp and one more grenade or p250 could be bought from you.
  • Consciously saving “on AWP” often turns out to be stupid. You are then completely taken out of the game for many rounds, no grenade support or weapons for kills. It is better to buy together with your mates, because if you win rounds, then there is usually a higher salary 😉 If one more mate dies because of this "save for AWP", or one more opponent dies, then you owe large amounts of money.
  • As a terrorist, always pay close attention to the clock. If your equipment is worth less than your next potential income, then run to your death and try to take as many as possible with you - isn't it a terrorist's job after all?
  • Hide your opponents' weapons when they have ecos. Suppose on Inferno a mate falls in the banana with an AK and you move to A to your other mates, then throw his weapon over the wooden fence. So you bring back $ 2700 from the game, which would help the opponent and force him to exert pressure.

I hope that the work was worth it and that the CS: GO Money Management thread was helpful. Please post your opinion on this.
I am happy to give detailed reasons for each list. Get in touch if something is unclear or incomprehensible and questions arise!