How can I easily kill myself?

If you think of suicide ... stop for a moment and read the following text!

If you are thinking of suicide, stop for a moment and read the following. It only takes a few minutes. I am not going to tell you not to think about such things. I am not a therapist or a doctor. I am just a person who, like you, knows what it means to no longer want to live.

I don't know who you are and why you are visiting this page. But I know that you are reading right now, and that alone is good. As you are reading these lines, I assume that you feel so bad that you want to put an end to your life. I would love to sit next to you and talk to you face to face about it openly and without further ado. Since this is not possible at the moment, we will have our conversation virtually.

I know a lot of people like you who wanted to suicide, and I am convinced that I have a realistic idea of ​​how a person feels in this situation. Since I know that you don't feel like reading a whole novel, I'll be brief. I would like to invite you to do 5 simple and practical things in the next few minutes. I will not try to convince you not to put an end to your life. I assume that you feel really bad, otherwise you wouldn't think about it.

If you've followed me this far, that's more of a good sign. I ask you to do a little more. Read the end of this article. If you read on, I hope that this is somehow a sign that you are not entirely sure, that you do not really know whether or not to end your life after all. Often people who suffer like you are torn on this point. Not being sure what you want, whether you want to live or die, is a perfectly normal reaction when you suffer like you do. The fact that you are still here is a sign of this division. That means, one part of you wants to die, and at the same time another part of you wants to live on. Cling to this second part and read on.

For starters, please think about the following:

It's easy to explain. You are not a bad person, you are neither crazy, nor weak, nor selfish because you are thinking of killing yourself. In addition, these thoughts do not necessarily have to mean that you actually want to die, they are rather the result of your suffering.

Don't listen to people who say: “You don't kill yourself because of something like that.” There are actually many reasons that can make a person want to kill himself. Whether a pain is more or less bearable also depends What is tolerable for some does not necessarily have to be tolerable for others: everything depends on the strengths that are available to one to cope with this suffering.

If the suffering overwhelms the available forces, thoughts of suicide can arise. Suicide is neither good nor bad, nor is it an expression of a character defect. From a moral point of view, he is neutral. It arises from an imbalance between resources (inner abilities and external possibilities of help) and suffering.

You can survive your suicidal ideation either by finding a way to reduce your suffering or by finding sources of strength that you may not have thought of before.

Now, take the time to read these five tips:


Your situation is certainly very difficult to endure, but it is not hopeless. People who suffer like you often find a solution to their problems. I want you to realize that despite your problems, there is a chance that you will find a way out, and I hope this information gives you a little hope.


Take a little more time before you decide. Tell yourself, “I wait 24 hours before I do anything, or a week, or even longer.” Remember that our feelings and our actions are two completely different things. The feeling of stopping with life doesn't necessarily mean that you have to stop immediately. Try to put a little distance between your suicidal thoughts and your suicidal intentions, even if only for 24 hours. You have done it for a few minutes by reading these lines I invite you to read on and realize that right now you have thoughts of suicide but you are not putting them into practice. This is very encouraging to me and I hope you are too.