My first kiss is a kiss goodbye

Kiss, kiss and kiss again. Here are the top 5 most beautiful smooch stories:

The first kiss that makes you feel right

Actually, I always wanted to have my first kiss with my boyfriend, but when I was still kissed at 16, I didn't want to wait any longer. So I made out at a house party with a couple of friends with a boy who was really nice and funny, but also not really pretty and kissed pretty bad ... Somehow I regretted the whole action, especially because I didn't met my current boyfriend a week later.

But with him I had my first kiss, which was right for me, and it was wonderful: On our second date, after watching “Slumdog Millionaire”, we were lying in his bed and nobody said anything. We just lay there and just looked at each other for a long time, and I remember smiling the whole time. I could tell that he was wondering how best to kiss me now.

I: "And you're staring at me ..."

He: "Because you are so beautiful."

I: "Thank-you." Then I had to smile again and so did he, and then he kissed me.

I: "But it took you a long time." He just laughs and kisses me again.

I: "Stop laughing!"

He: "Yes, if YOU are talking about it!"

I will never forget this moment ...

by Userin LalalaLena

First kiss: that's how it was for the stars

A sad farewell kiss

I had my best kiss when I was 15: A friend of mine drove to the airport to pick up a friend & I just drove along out of boredom. When I saw his friend I thought I was dreaming. IT JUST LOOKED PERFECT! Blonde hair, dark blue eyes 1.90 m tall, really well built ...

Since we met my friend's mother at the airport, she had to go home with us, of course, so my friend was at the wheel, his mother next to him & me in the back with the damn handsome boy * __ *

We got along really well & since it was the summer vacation, he only stayed 6 weeks. He came to see me almost every day when my buddy was having soccer practice or a game.
The handsome boy & I fell in love, but we knew that we had no future because he lived in the north and I in the south.

It was the last evening - he & I went out to the balcony and tears came to me because I knew exactly that I would totally miss it. He took me in his arms. Since he was much taller than me, I didn't look him in the eye, just looked at his chest with my head bowed. And then it happened: he whispered my name softly, I looked up…. And then came the perfect kiss ... I had butterflies in my stomach and could have screamed - it was so indescribable. The kiss was two years ago & when I think about it today I have to smile.

I'll never forget it, even though I've kissed a lot of guys after him: that was the best kiss in my life so far.

by Userin _babii-love_

Smooch alarm! This is how the stars kiss

Pure romance!

My best kiss was also my first real kiss. It was last year, my boyfriend and I were together for a week & went to my school ball together ...

I was really excited to introduce him to all my friends, some of them knew him a little because he was in our dance class, but many didn't know him yet. In any case, I introduced him to all my friends & we had a great evening.
Shortly before midnight we went out together to go for a walk and to have a little time to ourselves.

We then stood on a small fountain in front of the church. I snuggled up against him and then we looked each other in the eye for a long time, but no one dared to kiss the other. Then he stroked my hair and kissed me. Then the church bells started ringing and everything was perfect, it was such a nice feeling.
Then I leaned my head on his shoulder for a while until he said whether we shouldn't go back inside because otherwise I would get sick (I was wearing my ball gown and his jacket).

When we got back, apparently with a pretty straight grin, everyone knew what had happened. So the others asked us to have our first official kiss. The evening was so beautiful, I will never forget this moment, this feeling.

by Userin This_is_me