Which job portals are available

Seal of approval: Germany's best job portals 2020 chosen

The seal of approval “Germany's best job portals” is awarded annually. The current assessment included the experience of more than 53,000 applicants and over 14,000 employers. The popularity of a job portal results from its visibility as well as the satisfaction and the recommendation rate. Only job portals that have received at least 30 evaluations from applicants (at least 20 in the case of quality seals for professional fields) and employers are taken into account for the overall evaluation. The organizers of the award are Profilo with the evaluation portal Jobboersencheck.de and the Institute for Competitive Recruiting (ICR).

Stepstone again in first place on the generalist job boards

In the tenth year, Stepstone once again made it to number one on the generalist job boards. Stellenangebote.de came in second place and fourth in 2019. Jobware, Regio-Jobanzeiger and Meinestadt.de share third place. Jobware scores with a first place among employers, Regio-Jobanzeiger with the top spot in applicant satisfaction. Meinestadt.de was able to work its way up from seventh place last year.

Jobvektor wins the special job exchanges

Number one of the 16 specialized job exchanges is Jobvector for the eighth time, a specialist job market for scientists, doctors, IT specialists and engineers. Yourfirm, which focuses on medium-sized companies, secured second place. Hogapage, job exchange for the hotel and catering industry, came in third as a newcomer.

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Indeed is again the best job search engine

As in 2019, Indeed was recognized as the best job search engine this year. Awareness and reach of Indeed rose sharply after entering the market in Germany and a television advertising campaign. Stellenonline.de defended the runner-up position from last year and Kimeta is in third place.

Best job boards for engineers, IT professionals, economists and scientists

For the third time, the best job portals were determined for individual groups of applicants. Kimeta is ahead in the target group of engineers and relegated last year's winner Jobvector to second place. Stepstone also had to give up a place and came in third. The best job portal for IT professionals was Indeed, followed by Jobvector. Stepstone and LinkedIn are jointly in third place. The best job portals for economists are StepStone, Yourfirm and LinkedIn. Stepstone and Jobvector are back in first and second place on the job portals for natural scientists. Indeed reached third place, fourth in the previous year.

Most popular portals with students, graduates and young professionals

For the second time, Unicum is the most popular job exchange for students, graduates and young professionals, followed by Stellenwerk and the career network Squaeker. In the “Schoolchildren and Apprentices” category, Azubiyo once again made it to first place. Aubi-plus moved up one place to second and Indeed came in third.

Winner of the new category "Regional job exchanges"

The new category “Regional job exchanges” distinguishes job portals that are particularly important in their region. Here, the brand of at least 30 applicant and employer reviews has not yet been taken into account. Karriere-Suedwestfalen does best. In the following places are Oberfrankenjobs and the job market of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The complete rankings are> listed here.