What are the benefits of marula oil

Wonder weapon marula oil

Argan oil is out - now comes marula oil! At least that's how stars like influencer Chiara Ferragni see it, who uses the oil herself and who even praised it as a marula miracle weapon for face, body and hair on her blog "The Blonde Salad".

The beauty benefits of marula oil in skin and hair care:

• It is irritant-free, ideal for reddened or sensitive skin

• Marula oil protects with antioxidants, perfect for anti-aging care

• The oil is moisturizing and moisturizing, ideal for dry skin

• It prevents the skin from losing moisture

• It is also great for the hair as it provides moisture

• Marula Oil provides more shine in the hair. How exactly, read here!

What is marula oil and where does it come from?

Do you remember the movie "The Funny World of Animals?" If not, our elephant gif might help you on your way. One scene of the film shows how elephants, giraffes & Co. from the Kalahari gather at the marula trees (also called elephant trees) that are found there in large numbers to eat the ripe pulp. And ripe means fermented, which is why the animals then have a lot of fun and the next day they are badly left behind.

But the scene shows two things: First, the marula fruit grows on a tree. Second, it grows on wild trees in Africa, more precisely in South Africa, in warm subequatorial regions. By the way: like the animals, the locals also use the fruit to make fun of it. The fruit is used as the basis for refreshing drinks and spirits, such as Amarula liqueur. But much more important, especially for beauty lovers: The kernels of the fruit are also processed. High quality oil is obtained from them. This oil is cold-pressed without heat or chemicals - which is why it is particularly well tolerated and rich in vitamins.

Already knew: As with argan oil, marula oil is often harvested and cold-pressed in cooperation with African communities and thus supports various development programs in the third world, such as women's shelters, schools and family projects. Buying tips: Look for the appropriate organic or fair trade seal on your product, which you can find in natural cosmetics shops such as greenglam.de or najoba.de.

Marula oil can do that

The great thing: The marula oil obtained from the seeds has an antioxidant, moisturizing and moisture-binding effect and is therefore not only ideal for caring for dry, cracked skin, but also for hair care. It leaves a soft, well-groomed feeling and can be used for face, body care and massage. In addition, the oil strengthens the skin's own lipid protection and is therefore also suitable for protecting the skin against environmental influences such as exhaust gases and UV rays. By reducing the skin's moisture loss, this oil also fights skin irritation and redness. It is also very well tolerated. A real beauty miracle weapon that also serves as a protective shield for the skin.

What is the difference to argan oil?

In principle, both the extraction and the benefits are similar to argan oil. Here, too, the oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the fruits of the argan tree and it also has a protective and moisturizing effect. According to studies, however, marula oil has around 60 percent (!) More antioxidants than argan oil - and is therefore also ideal as an anti-aging weapon because it shields free radicals better. Together with the high content of vitamin C, it also stimulates collagen formation in the skin - collagens keep the skin elastic and thus protect against sagging.

Tips for using oils made from marula kernels:

You can find more information about oils for facial care here! By the way: Chiara Ferragni's recommended marula oil is the "Neroli Infused Marula Oil" from African Botanics, around 120 euros. But you can also use pure marula oil, which is often found in natural cosmetics stores.