Is Nico Nico banned in China

Formula 1 vortex in Baku: Confusion around Rosberg - Raikkönen banished in the pit lane

Apparently, ex-world champion Nico Rosberg only narrowly escaped a severe penalty in Formula 1. Meanwhile, Kimi Raikkönnen has to start out of the pit lane for the race in Baku.

Even before the start of the race in Azerbaijan, Formula 1 is making waves in Baku. While several pilots were banished from the grid to the pit lane, Nico Rosberg got into trouble with the international motorsport association FIA.

The former world champion had passed on his access pass, which was only written out for himself, to a photographer friend. This was illegally put on the grid at the Chinese Grand Prix. It is strictly forbidden to hand in the highly personalized passports. Rosberg apologized for his action that evening and thus evidently escaped punishment: the association did not issue a rumored ban, according to its own statements and contrary to several media reports.

The former Mercedes driver did not want to attend the races in Baku and Barcelona anyway. Only in Monaco is Rosberg again as a TV expert for RTL work. As a former world champion, the 33-year-old has lifelong entitlement to participate in Formula 1 races. In China he "wanted to give a friend the opportunity to go to the grid at the last minute," said Rosberg.

Raikönnen has to start from the pit lane

In the Baku race, three drivers have to start out of the pit lane. In addition to Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) and Robert Kubica (Williams), Raikönnen will not be on the track from the start. The Alfa Romeo driver was banned from the starting grid, in which the Finn would have taken eighth place, because of a non-compliant front wing. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc moves up for it.