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Decision in "a few weeks": How many viewers can the Indy 500?

(Motorsport-Total.com) - The coronavirus pandemic has a firm grip on the world and full grandstands on racetracks are still not an option. The Indianapolis 500 of the IndyCar series takes place on May 30th and, under normal conditions, would welcome up to 200,000 spectators. In "a few weeks" the course would like to announce the permitted number of viewers for the 2021 edition.


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Indianapolis Motor Speedway President J. Douglas Boles told NBC: "We're working closely with the state of [Indiana] and couldn't think of a better partner. The governor [Eric Holcomb, an IndyCar fan] wants so many." Let people along the way as much as possible. We also work with the City of Indianapolis. "

As of April 11, 2021, there have been around 700,000 coronavirus cases in Indiana. On April 10, there were 1,200 new positive cases. "The numbers in the state of Indiana have increased compared to a few weeks ago, but at the same time significantly better than a year ago," continues Boles.

Those responsible want to wait "a few weeks" before making a decision about the capacity for the Indy 500. After all, IndyCar is planning to have spectators on the track again after the race in 2020 had to be postponed to August and had to be held in front of empty grandstands.

"We don't want a second year without fans," explains Boles. "That's why we're doing everything we can. We'll have fans on site. All the minutes and the other pieces of the puzzle will be finalized in the coming weeks."

At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the focus is on the race day itself, while the training and qualifying days play a subordinate role. But even on these days, Boles awaits spectators in the seats of the four-kilometer-long super speedway. "We want to have as many spectators on site as possible [on race day] - but in a responsible manner," he clarifies.