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CEO Micha Kaufman in a portrait: How Fiverr is revolutionizing the global working world

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From an obsession to a publicly traded company with a market valuation of almost $ 700 million - in 10 years. Today, Fiverr is the one-stop-shop for companies looking for freelance services from graphic design to web programming. In this article we introduce you to the extraordinary story of Fiverr and its founder and CEO Micha Kaufman.

June 13, 2019 as a milestone

That day, Fiverr went public on the New York Stock Exchange. It was a long way to go, however: It all began in a small basement in Tel Aviv, Israel - sometime in 2007. Micha Kaufman and his friends exchanged ideas every week in a kind of think tank - and at some point they had it: an online marketplace for services of all kinds.

Please what?

The $ 100 million idea

What seemed unthinkable for many people at the time is revolutionizing the world of work today. Fiverr solved a problem that Micha Kaufmann and his friends had themselves: "As entrepreneurs, we were always dependent on the help of others," says Micha today. "However, this assistance rarely required a full-time or even part-time hiring - and it was difficult to find suitable talent."

How did you do it back then? One asked around in the circle of acquaintances and friends. You met with different candidates and tried to find out if the person would fit. A time consuming, inefficient, and frustrating process. Even after finding someone, other challenges arose - for example, communicating, signing a contract, regulating payment or providing feedback.

"We're on a mission - we want to change the way the world works together."

Micha Kaufman

The Fiverr vision

So what was the goal? Fiverr wanted to create a world where every company and individual could access the best and most diverse talent in the world within minutes. A kind of eBay small ads for creative people! Whether logo design, web design or text creation: Companies should be able to buy a digital service online - as quickly, reliably and transparently as with Amazon.

And so it started.

In 2010, Kaufman went online with the first version of Fiverr, not even nine months after the initial idea for the platform. Fiverr grew and grew rapidly and is now probably one of the most famous freelance platforms in the world. Clients find the service they are looking for on average within 15 minutes - from the first contact with the website to booking the right freelancer. Just for comparison: offline the average is three weeks.

Fiverr meets the zeitgeist

What Makes Fiverr So Successful? Probably good timing too. The way our society works has undergone major changes in the past few years, which have still not been completed.

Whether "remote work" (in German: location-independent work), "micro jobs" or classic freelancing: Highly qualified workers strive for more freedom, break through deadlocked work models and open up new opportunities - and long for more flexibility and control for themselves and for clients .

This is exactly what Fiverr offers freelancers and businesses alike. Like Airbnb with its individual accommodation business or Uber with ride hailing, Fiverr is preparing to revolutionize the ever-growing freelancer market.

Become part of the Fiverr community

Fiverr now has offices in New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Phoenix, London, Tel Aviv and also in Berlin. Whether you are looking for a freelancer or would like to offer a service yourself: Fiverr makes it simple, clear and transparent. Browse through our marketplace now and take your business to the next level with Fiverr. We are looking forward to your visit!