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"Dune flicker": love and dark secrets in Blåvand

One story - many perspectives

Over time, she noticed that there were many good books on the area, especially non-fiction, but not a single one from the fiction genre. “I think I was able to fill a big gap here,” says the writer.

The special thing about her novel is that she tells the story from different perspectives, says Mohini. She tries to represent the essence of the protagonists as three-dimensionally as possible and also to allow a lot of their thoughts and feelings to flow into it.

In addition, she never writes her novels one-sided only from a female or only from a male perspective, but rather illuminates the events from both perspectives.

In “Dünenflicker” it was also very important to her “to bring the Danish soul into it”.

Arouse interest in Denmark

Katharina Mohini has already received positive feedback from many German readers. She is now hoping that there will be interest on the Danish-speaking side.

“I would also like to publish my novel in Danish,” says Mohini. Inquiries to Danish publishers have so far been unsuccessful. She adds that she would also appreciate people willing to translate her novel into Danish.

When it comes to the publication of her books, earnings are not primarily important to her, she rather wants to “send the readers on a journey, they should just be able to let go”.

Interested parties can find more information about the author and her works on her website at www.katharina-mohini.de.