What did Marianne Williamson run for?

These 3 building blocks of a decision will help you

Discover your deep-seated desires

In order to get a clearer view of what is important, many people experience questions of the imagination as helpful. Because these speak not only to the mind, but to the whole person: emotions, dreams, fantasies, body, heart, intuition. If you want to address the following questions, it is therefore advisable to answer them spontaneously.

  • Assuming I had two lives, what would my second life be like?
  • What is the risk worth to me of putting all my might into it, even if I fail?
  • Which people impress me? And why?
  • If I were to give a person who is born today one piece of advice on their journey through life: What would it be?

Finally, you can look at your own answers and ask yourself: Do I discover a common thread, a deeper-lying longing that runs through it?
The answer to the questions "What do you want?" What do you live for? «Can and must not be taken from you! Because the question of the meaning of your own life can only be answered personally. Only you can discover and develop which goals and values ​​correspond to your innermost longing. And this is only possible in dialogue with you and with the world. And if you see yourself as a spiritual person: in dialogue with the divine source of life.

The nice thing is: the more we are in contact with our deep volition, the strength grows to stay on course even in strong headwinds. Then it is not the wind that decides our course, but how we set the sails!

On the trail of your own longing with Melanie Wolfers