What are good careers for escapists

3 pieces of advice for aspiring marketing escapists

Are you maybe an escapist?

Are you a Marketing Escapist?

There is a ghost looming on the internet, the ghost of escapism. More and more people stop just "to participate“In the daily grind, they book their trips with Secret Escapes, although that is no longer so“ secret ”; they are looking for jobs where they can balance career and family - with a clear focus on family (totally crazy!); and they look on the internet (and outside of it, of course) for opportunities to self-actualize.

They follow their own goals.

They are no unworldly individualists, nor are they hermits on the moon; rather, they are dropouts who step back in at the same time, that is, dropping out of an externally determined, purely self-determined life. They are people who through their escapism - consciously or unconsciously - could shape a new, more human form of coexistence.

They are people who have their inner contract with the labels that are outwardly proclaimed as essential characteristics for a civilized society, such as "eternal growth", "uncontrolled activism", "full employment", "career", "hype", "promotion" and others Extremes ”have unilaterally given up and those who let the galloping, overturning world to itself. Bad luck!

But what is a marketing escapist?

Actually one of those, only that it also flees from conventional marketing. What's now again conventional Marketing?

Incidentally, Wikipedia says about the meaning of the word escapism:

“As escapism, escape from reality or escape from reality one describes the escape from or from the real world and the avoidance of it with all its demands in favor of a pseudo-reality, i. H. imaginary or possibly better reality. " (Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eskapismus)

The marketing escapist avoids real marketing, i.e. what you see - let's put it this way - etc., in favor of possibly better marketing.

Do not participate anymore However, does not mean doing nothing at all.

More and more totally strange people are growing up who make a strange premise for their life: happiness.

But, in my opinion, there are still too few people of this kind. So here are my 3 pieces of advice for budding marketing escapists. If you think that you are just about to get out of the car, but you don't quite know where you should go, then go ahead now.

And no, you don't necessarily have to book a trip with secret escapes. Of course you can, because you will definitely find a lot of beautiful escape places outside. But it is important that you find this place for your escapism inside.

But you don't have to become anything else, so don't put a new label on your forehead. You don't have to become a hippie, punk, hipster or mushroom picker in Amsterdam. Nope. Just stay you.

(1) Recognize what you no longer feel like doing.

I deliberately left the question of what conventional marketing means open, because you have to answer this question yourself.

If you feel the total reluctance to do a certain type of marketing, e.g. - let's say - direct contacts. If you don't feel like doing that anymore, then be grateful that you feel this reluctance very clearly, because it is the best indicator that it is time to fundamentally change something.

Yes, honestly, once you realize that, the hard part comes. Stop doing marketing that you don't enjoy and look around for what you can relate to.

(2) What is left?

The easiest way to find out what it might be is to: make two pieces of paper.

Write what you don't like on one piece of paper and write what you want on the second piece of paper.

Take your time. Then you tear up the piece of paper on which the unloved things are written, burn it or just throw it away.

You keep note 2.

What is on this piece of paper is pretty much the most important thing if your escapism is to succeed.

Take a close look at it, think your way step by step into the marketing activities that you (could) really enjoy. You may find that you're just not the type of direct approach, the so-called outbound type. It's really not easy. Hey, just leave it. Sure, you can leave your comfort zone and blablabla. But there are definitely other methods that are more convenient to you at first and you can always devote yourself to the difficult methods later. First try a landing page and a ready-made video that introduces your product. How about to start? Then you promote your landing page video and collect a few leads.

Soon the thoughts are of those unloved marketing methods that may have been conveyed to you by someone who didn't pay attention to your talents and preferences.

(3) Be crazy

Why do so many do something that they really don't want to do (if they are honest with themselves)? This question is probably very old and there are certainly some well-founded answers to it.

What. There are no answers to this question, none at all, otherwise there wouldn't be so many people doing things they don't feel like doing.

But let's stick with marketing.

In this context, I would ask you not to be “crazy” to mean that you are about to be instructed. Crazy only means to move an inch here or there, that is, to move a bit away from the “mainstream”. Seen from above, you can still be right on trend. I think that would even help you to get a lot of prospects and customers. But you have to distinguish.

What Kant's categorical imperative is for philosophy, that the sentence: "Find your niche!" mean for you. You will only be successful in one niche, no matter how small. If you remain confused, you have no chance of being clearly recognized.

And you really don't have to stir the big pot to do this. You can your Recognition feature produce with the smallest of resources. Many have a special hairstyle, a hat, or they say something in a certain way or in a certain way.

When you found out what distinguishes you personally, then you have usually already found your best recognition feature.

Are you a marketing escapist now?

I am sure you are one.

(Otherwise you wouldn't have read this far. 😀)

By the way, OMA is also an escapist. 😉 Don't you think so? Then take a look at OMAS Bootcamp.

Saucool greetings,

Your Sebastian

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