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A handful of songs or: Country doesn't have to be boring

Text: DasSchaf
Images: Slam & Howie And The Reserve Men
Country do you know So funny cowboy hats and boots and mothballed long western coats and line dancing? Yes? And you really think you know country? Then listen carefully ... Who says that country music always has to be nice and nice and smooth? There are rockers in the country too, and then there are remarkably good ones. With speed, bite and the influences of rock and hard rock, Slam & Howie And The Reserve Men tinker their self-proclaimed "Bastard Speed ​​Country" - and that rocks tremendously. “Yes, we are sometimes a bit between chairs and benches in terms of style. For the purists among the country fans we are too rocky and wild, for the rockers we are too “country-esque”. In that sense, we're doing country for people who don't actually listen to country music, ”grins Slam.
Against the background of the great success of a band like The Boss Hoss and the hype about Johnny Cash and his American Recordings, as well as the film "I Walk The Line", country seems to be a modern music genre again after a long shadowy existence and being 'uncool' to develop. Slam & Howie jumped on the bandwagon somewhere in this fairway, but initially not ambitious with the goal of conquering the world. A fun project that took on more and more forms, and now the third album can already be presented to the fans. “A Fistful of Songs” is the name of the good piece, a handful of songs. “That should sound neither disparaging nor in any other way. The album title has two different backgrounds: on the one hand, it is based on the spaghetti westerns with Clint Eastwood ('A Fistful of Dollars') and on the other hand it's really a bunch of mixed up songs ", says Slam," some of them were already recorded on the last record, the others were now made in the studio, yet another recording is live from the Gurtenfestival ... “So a handful of Slam & Howie, from here and there and everywhere. And yet all of a piece, the red thread remains, and the different soundscapes from the different recordings offer a refreshing change when listening to the album.
Of course, one song immediately catches the eye of the Swiss music fan, the song that was also released as a radio single: Bedside Radio. Crocus! A monumental song in Swiss rock history, by the band par excellence. Slam: "Awe? Yeah maybe a little. From the start, however, the idea wasn't that we should cover a hit and land a chart hit, as is often the case today. For us it's more of a homage to our earlier heroes, to the musicians who brought us to music with their work. ”The feedback from the original rockers is still pending. "They are just very busy at the moment, if there is no feedback, that's okay for us," says Slam, and I hear in the undertone that he would be very interested in what Mr. Krokus said about Slam & Howie Hold interpretation. Mr. Storace, that was a wink from the fence post.
Slam himself doesn't yet know exactly what the handful of songs Slam & Howie And The Reserve Men might bring in the future. “We take it as it comes,” he smiles, “but of course we also flirt with America, sometimes we go see the big pond, how it is ...” And after the performances in Italy, Spain, Germany and above all at the famous "Zwarte Cross" Festival in Holland is probably also nothing to prevent a visit to Nashville. At least not with the new record “A Fistful of Songs”. “I never thought I'd do country before… but after hearing the American Recordings from Cash, I suddenly didn't think country was that bad anymore. And here we are now. Even though I first had to accept that the hard rocker had become a country man, ”laughs Slam. Well, we already had that at the beginning. Country doesn't mean line dance and boring ruffled checked shirts. Country is music that can be just as stormy as rock. Bastard Speed ​​Country. Slam & Howie And The Reserve Men.