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Justice League - Not for children: According to Snyder, aims for R-Rating, cinema release planned

In the more recent past, the R-Rating was mainly reserved for horror and harder action films and thrillers - and even here this dreaded rating was often cut around. At least since Deadpool, Logan and joker However, the second highest US approval is also acceptable in the comics sector, where high budgets and fear of flops used to make it difficult to make such freedom of choice. That's why you only frown in appreciation when Zack Snyder announces that his four-hour director’s cut of Justice League It is very likely that you will not be able to avoid an adult R-Rating (this would prevent cinema-goers under the age of seventeen from visiting without an adult). Although he has not yet heard from the American MPA (Motion Picture Association), it is already foreseeable that his film will receive this rating. "Here's something that probably no one knows: The movie is insane, it's fucking epic, and it probably needs an R rating - I'm pretty sure about that," Snyder told Entertainment Weekly. "That tells me my gut feeling."

The Snyder-Cut promises to be darker and better. © Warner Bros.

The new material is not only supposed to make the film much longer, darker and more grown-up, it also apparently doesn't shy away from exploring the otherwise so clean and exemplary heroes. “There's a scene in which Batman drops the F-bomb. Cyborg, on the other hand, is not exactly happy with his situation before he hits the Justice League, and he makes it loud. ”And that inevitably leads to a higher ranking in the USA, where words like“ fuck ”are frowned upon. Another problem is that Steppenwolf literally process its enemies into minced meat, says Synder. His assessment therefore: An R for violence and strong expressions, probably even both.

Also not yet dry, but Snyder wanted the Director’s Cut to be shown in the cinema in addition to the digital HBO Max premiere. Originally, the film was supposed to be a showcase title for Warner's new streaming platform and to be seen there exclusively. That Justice League could also get a traditional theatrical release now, is not without a certain irony. After all, Warner surprised only a few days ago with the announcement that he would like to publish the entire cinema lineup digitally in 2021. A decision for or against is still pending.

Major villain: Darkseid makes his grand entrance. © Warner Bros.

Written on December 15th, 2020 by Torsten Schrader