Is ambition the enemy of peace

Enemies of peace

“Five great enemies of peace dwell in us: namely, greed, ambition, envy, anger and pride. If these enemies could be driven out, we would undoubtedly enjoy eternal peace. ”This is what Francesco Petrarca, an Italian poet of the 14th century (1304-1374) once wrote. This requires human strength and the ability to disregard oneself.

This ability was possessed by the former provost of Coventry, Richard Howard. His cathedral was destroyed when the German air force laid the English city to rubble and ashes 75 years ago today. 550 people died in the air raid on Coventry on November 14, 1940. Richard Howard then had three large carpenter nails from the roof of the destroyed cathedral put together to form a cross and the words "Father forgive" carved into the choir wall of the ruin. He called for the banishment of all thoughts of hate and revenge. The Cross of Nails Community was later formed to strengthen peace and reconciliation work around the world.

The day of national mourning, which we celebrate on Sunday, commemorates the dead of the two world wars. Overall, it commemorates the victims of war and tyranny of all nations. Even today. People die in war and on the run from war. Others arrive in Germany after a long flight and seek protection from the war. The day of national mourning calls for people - speaking with Francesco Petrarca - to meet them without greed, ambition, envy, anger and pride. He urges reconciliation, understanding and peace.