What is a motel

Motel or hotel on the highway

Accommodation mostly for one night

The large number of hotels is subdivided into different categories or their benefits. This also includes the connections to the travel options and the first thing to do is to set up the station hotel next to the station for overnight stays. The motel followed later and, in the last few decades, the airport hotel. At motel in particular, you can clearly see various developments over the decades.

What is a motel? What is the difference to the hotel?

In the 1920s, the extensive road network gave rise to the need to be able to offer accommodation to travelers. This is how the first motels emerged, whereby the term, depending on the interpretation, is either the abbreviation for motorist's hotel or a combination of motor and hotel.

The classic motel is accommodation of the simplest style, in which there was hardly any service, but the individual rooms can be reached directly. So there was no reception room as you know it from the hotel. People stay overnight and then drive on and they usually have free parking spaces very close to where they stay. The motel is clean and has everything you need to stay overnight, but you shouldn't expect luxury.

Due to the expansion of the roads and also very long stretches, especially in the USA, the motel has become a popular place to stay where you can relax from the long drive. Motels usually offer breakfast and then you travel on anyway.

Development of the motel

But the classic motel has changed. Over the decades it became a kind of hotel light and the demarcation between the hotel, as you book it at a holiday destination, and a motel can hardly be drawn any more. The service has been improved and there are many options that were not originally intended, for example with the furnishing of the premises. Even the construction of modern motels hardly differs from a typical hotel and due to the large number of motels, especially in the USA, there is a wide range of additional options in the field of accommodation.

The background is of course also clear, because people have become comfortable and don't just want a room with a bed to stay overnight, they want to feel good and expect a corresponding standard. The motel operators have recognized this and before the individual offers are empty, they have come closer to the hotels.