What are the best books on flowers

The 12 most beautiful plant books

Treat yourself to a green literary break

Do you know where the word "paper" comes from? The papyrus plant, which has existed since 3,000 BC. BC was used by the Greeks and Romans as "paper", was mainly used to write contractual agreements. Some 5,000 years later, beautiful "papyrus" collections on plants appeared. So find a cozy place on the couch and enjoy!

Flora: 3000 years of depicting plants in art

You want this book because of the cover. Maintenance happiness. It is a great celebration of the beauty and diversity of flowers and plants. Or as the editors describe it: "The ultimate gift for gardeners and art lovers with 300 of the most beautiful and groundbreaking botanical images of all time."

House of Plants

“Living with succulents, air plants and cacti” is the subtitle of the book that two designers and stylists from Hampstead have put together "In loving language and a sense of real creativity and love for what you do", plus there are 91 other magazines - plus some nice DIY tips!

Living with plants

Before you go out to buy plants, go to the bookstore and pick up this book by Sophie Lee. Here you can find out which plant fits in your house and even in which room. From the first step to building your own terrarium, you will learn how to make a Kokedama moss ball or a hip macramé plant hanger.

Urban botany

Two talents with a passion for plants. Maaike Koster has painted a unique work of art for each plant in this collection and Emma Sibley describes the plants in Urban Botany and gives tips on care. The only thing that would have made us a little happier would be an even more detailed representation.

The Museum of Plants. Free entry!

Illustrator Katie Scott and writer Kathy Willis from Kew, the world-famous center for botany and fungal science, have put together a botanical garden. Katie on collaborating on the book, which was originally titled “Botanicum”: “There are just over seven million dried plants in herbaria that I have been able to see. I was given access to the archives, which even contain Darwin's works. I was able to admire the plants in their mineral environment in the greenhouses and walk around for hours in the impressive gardens, where you can spend days. " This immense preparation has resulted in this botanical masterpiece.

Room with a plant

"At the Indoor gardening it's not just about plant care, but also about the use of plants as a living accessory to improve the style and atmosphere of the house. ”The book Room with Plant! Thanks to author and interior designer Kara O'Reilly and - as it would be on the business card - "Interior Greening Designer and Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medalist" Ian Drummond.

Green in glass

Have you ever wondered how the hip concept stores get their plant worlds into their bottles? Judith Baehner gives you the answer (in Dutch). Everything about trendy terrariums and fantastic bottle gardens, with many step-by-step photos that help you get started with plants, glass bottles and pots yourself.

The plant laboratory

Are houseplants difficult or boring? Absolutely not! You can never do anything "wrong" with green. In the 1970s Judith Baehner grew up in a jungle of houseplant, and the green around her has always been a lasting inspiration. To inspire others and bring them closer to plants and green, she wrote the book "Het Plantenlab". Maintain, collect, style, plug and sow, everybody can do it - you just have to read through a few generously illustrated pages.


Twenty home visits around the world, show rooms in which plants play a leading role, documented in the book Wonderplants (in English or Dutch). You should only look at this book if you don't mind getting really jealous. A second volume has now been published. Here you can find a short interview with co-author Judith Baehner.

Urban jungle

Do you want more plants in your house and are you looking for inspiration and useful tips? The book Urban Jungle takes you by the hand and helps you on your way. With examples from all over the world, you can create your own urban jungle in no time at all.


From roof gardens to balconies, greenhouses and hidden courtyards. In the book Evergreen you are welcomed by the most extraordinary green places right under your nose. Pick up the trail and the inspiration right away!

Botanical style

How do you add botanical elements to the interior? Selina Lake gives the answer in her book Botanical Style. A lot of romantic influences, combative 70s vibes and surprising twists await you. You can find out more about the author and her work on her blog.