Oracle is difficult to learn

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How difficult this is for you will probably not be able to answer so easily for you, since we do not know how well you are familiar with databases.

But the phrase "how are things programmed in Oracle" gives me the impression that you still have a lot to learn.

Oracle cannot be directly compared with Access (apart from the desktop version).

In Access you also have a programming environment and database engine in one. Oracle is 'just' a database server. The DB can be accessed via ODBC or other drivers.

As a program language you can use anything (Delphi, C ++, ..)

Experience has shown, however, that one of the biggest pitfalls with such a change is the data structure, since most Access databases do not necessarily have a usable structure.

Summary: Think carefully about whether it is really necessary - if so - take your time to familiarize yourself with them, otherwise you will be shipwrecked ...