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Eye test - driver's license

What are the requirements for the eye test?

Driver license applicants must get their good eyesight from one official eye test center get certified. Such an eye test center must demonstrate certain qualifications and examination equipment. Can be recognized as an eye test center

  • Ophthalmologists,
  • Optician,
  • Doctors at the health department and
  • those with the additional designation of occupational or industrial medicine.

You pass the eye test at the official eye test center with a Daytime visual acuity (visual acuity in daylight) of 0.7 in each eye (i.e. 70 percent vision in each eye). If the visual acuity deviation exceeds 0.8 diopters, the driver's license applicant needs glasses or contact lenses to compensate. If someone has one Visual aid for a perfect view of the road, this is done with a corresponding Note in the driver's license marked.

For the Driving license classes A, B, M, L and T The following minimum requirements for visual acuity apply:

  • 0.5 (i.e. 50% vision) on both eyes
  • 0.5 (i.e. 50% vision) in one and at least 0.2 (i.e. 20% vision) in the other eye

For example, an applicant for a car driver's license who has only 10 percent visual acuity in one eye and 40 percent visual acuity in the other eye will not be allowed to drive.

If a patient loses an eye, he is not allowed to drive for three months so that he can get used to his restricted field of vision. He may then drive a vehicle again, provided the remaining eye has a visual acuity of at least 50 percent.

Eye test procedure

A driver's license is only given to those who present a certificate from an official eye test center to their driving school. Many opticians, but of course also ophthalmologists, offer such eye exams.

If you want to certify your eyesight, you need your identity card or passport. The optician or doctor then checks visual acuity in a standardized eye test using Landolt rings. The test result is recorded in writing.

Normally, there is a statutory fee of 6.43 euros for the test with certificate - additional reports from ophthalmologists can, however, be more expensive.

Eye test: truck driver's license

For the truck driver's license (class C and D) and for passenger transport (such as taxis), significantly stricter requirements for eyesight apply. In addition, applicants for these driving license classes have to undergo a further ophthalmological examination, which in addition to the eye test ...

  • of the field of vision,
  • spatial vision,
  • eye movement,
  • of twilight vision,
  • the glare sensitivity and
  • of color vision includes.

The ophthalmologist then writes an opinion that the applicant must present to the driver's license office.