Is KMSPico a virus

Remove KMSPico Trojan

Remove KMSPico Trojan

Remove KMSPico Trojan Virus

I caught unwanted software like KMSPico Trojan Virus on my system! How can i get rid of it?

Everyone has already experienced it: you download freeware and install it. Afterwards you notice that besides the freeware, other things such as: KMSPico Trojan Virus were installed. Free additions to other software, disfigured browser start pages and the like - things that you actually didn't want at all are popular.

Article content:

If additional advertisements (coupons, popups, banners, overlays, ad blocks, etc.) appear in the browser on almost all websites, which are labeled with KMSPico Trojan Virus and sometimes just a number, then you are a victim of adware (unwanted Advertising software). Often, KMSPico Trojan Virus is also referred to as malware, virus, toolbar or Trojan - this is not always correct, but also not wrong. In addition to injecting or importing additional or complete replacement of advertisements, KMSPico Trojan Virus naturally slows down the access to the visited page, saves additional advertising and tracking cookies on your system in an uncontrolled manner and analyzes all behavior on the Internet via the computer. Many of those affected also complain about a very slow computer, even without a web browser being called up. In any case, this browser hijacking should be prevented and the adware properly removed, because third-party companies have taken control of the browser.

The reason for this are advertising supplements that are contained in the installation routine or are reloaded by it and have increased significantly recently. The program itself is still freeware, but the installation routine is AdWare. The manufacturers (programmers) of this freeware try in this way to earn a little on their software, as the AdWare KMSPico Trojan Virus is paid for each installation. One can just develop understanding for this.

Increasingly, however, portals such as CHIP, which have been reputable for years, are also spreading this form of adware and advertising supplements. You can read more about this CHIP installer here. Other portals that use such downloaders are: ComputerBild, Softonic, GIGA Downloads etc. We recommend strictly avoiding such portals.

Common Symptoms of KMSPico Trojan Virus:

  • Search results in the browser are dubious (dubious links)
  • Browser start page is manipulated.
  • New tab in the browser leads to unknown pages
  • New tabs cannot be changed, the browser is just "crazy"
  • Advertisements are displayed on websites: coupons, deals, downloads, price comparisons, pop-ups, etc.
  • Very aggressive advertising is shown on all pages
  • Search engine settings are changed (different standard search engine)
  • additional or changed favorites and bookmarks or bookmarks of the browser
  • higher workload of the computer (the processes running in the background slow down the computer)
  • Virus scanners report so-called PUA, PUP or PUM finds.


Remove KMSPico Trojan Toolbar from browser

Delete KMSPico Trojan from Firefox:

  • Remove KMSPico Trojan via »Add-ons | Extensions «from the add-on directory.
  • Type "about: config" in the address bar and confirm that you are sure what you are doing.
  • Now search for the term "KMSPico Trojan" in the search bar of "about: config" and right-click to reset all entries found using "Reset"

Remove KMSPico Trojan Addon from Chrome:

  • Remove KMSPico Trojan via »Tools | Extensions «from the add-on directory.
  • Now go to the »Settings | menu At startup | Set Pages «and remove any" KMSPico Trojan "entries.
  • Now click in the menu »Settings | Search «on" Manage search engines ", set as the default again and click on the" X "to remove all entries that you can do without.

Uninstall KMSPico Trojan Plug-In in Internet Explorer:

  • Click on the Internet Explorer tool symbol shown at the top right, which is located directly below the close symbol.
  • Select the entry "Manage add-ons" from the list.
  • Under Toolbars and Extensions, look for the unwanted KMSPico Trojan Toolbar. Right click on it and choose Disable.
  • If this window appears, click on "Deactivate" again.

Get rid of KMSPico Trojan Hijacker from Opera:

  • Click on “Opera” in the upper right corner and select Category> “Settings”> “Clear Browsing Data”.
  • select all points and click delete
  • If not all problems are resolved, you have to delete the profile with the following instructions.

Completely remove KMSPico Trojan malware from Safari:

  • In the top menu bar click on "Safari"> "Reset Safari".
  • If not all problems are resolved, you have to delete the profile with the following instructions.

Clean up browser shortcuts

Now you should definitely check the links to your browser. Because even here unwanted remnants of the adware can still be found.

  • Right click on the browser shortcuts (including those in the system tray) and select "Properties".
  • In the "Link" tab, click in the "Target" field. There shouldn't be anything after "" C: \ .. \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.exe ", especially nothing with KMSPico Trojan.
  • Delete entries after the extension ".exe" and confirm with "Apply".
  • Go through these steps with all browser shortcuts (Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.), including those in the system tray.

Note that the smallest remnants of the browser adware can lead to the virus reinstalling itself and re-embedding itself completely in the computer after a restart. In order to improve the detection, we therefore ask everyone to open a topic in the forum and post the requested log files so that the detection can be adapted. Please also let us know where or with which download you got the ad malware. Thanks.