Is there a real me

Ā»There is no real virtual thing for a machineĀ« On the criticism of the Smartness Mandate with Felwine Sarrs Afrotopia and Gilbert Simondons philosophy of technology

What media are, what effects they have on what they produce, convey or represent, and how these effects are to be described, is one of the basic questions of media philosophy. Another, equally fundamental question deals with the vocabularies in which we speak of medialities, their geneses and validities, their limits and paradoxes. Media philosophy thus catches up with the lack of fundamental discourse in media studies, asks for latent conceptual preliminary decisions, for paradigms of media theoretical reflection, for media epistemologies or sedimented layers of thoughtless philosophemes. The extremely dynamic field of media philosophy forms a critical and productive company that reaches into both cultural and visual sciences, but also into the philosophy of language or technology.

The International Yearbook of Media Philosophy gathers themed articles, presents an international guest article, offers a re-reading of classical philosophical texts from a media-philosophical perspective and contains reports, sometimes dialogues and interviews. It is aimed at students, philosophers and media scholars as well as a broad audience with an academic interest.

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