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I want the simplest ajax form application - php, javascript, ajax, forms

I want an Ajax application to process a simple form, just with textinput and submit button, and without validation, I want to add that with a php script. I'm asking this because I can't program with AJAX or Javascript.


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In all honesty, you won't get anywhere without learning JavaScript. You really should learn to learn it, it's not the complex of a language either. Ajax is not a language, it is a function, a function so to speak. Once you get the hang of using it, it's not difficult either, and frameworks like JQuery and MooTools will make it a lot easier. is a good place to learn Javascript, don't worry if you are constantly thinking about things as you learn it, even the best of us have to do it. And don't be afraid to ask questions, that's how you learn.

If you know PHP, Javascript would be relatively easy to pick up. One thing to keep in mind when using AJAX is that you are removing the user's ability to hit the back button or bookmark a page as the user will not be directed to a new page.

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I highly recommend jQuery - There are some good tutorials (some are video) on jQuery for designers.

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Before resorting to jQuery (which I recommend) it can be helpful to start with a really simple tutorial to understand what is happening.

Ajax beginners tutorial can help.

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You should use a javascript library like jQuery or Prototype. You can also find some tutorials there. If you want to do it yourself, read about it XMLHttpRequest.

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You can use the ... ajaxSubmit plugin for jQuery.

After you put jQuery and the plugin in the HTML, just add it

Where "result" is the ID of the div the results should go to.

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I know this isn't technical on the subject, but I wanted to give a quick hint about AJAX and user back buttons - there's a plugin for jQuery that will sort that out. If you are using the monolithic YUI there is also a history manager.