What is the rating of SpaceX

Report: More capital for Tesla sister company SpaceX - valued now $ 50 billion

In the excitement before the first attempt to launch a SpaceX rocket with a capsule with two US astronauts last Wednesday, it was almost forgotten that Tesla boss Elon Musk's space company had recently raised a lot of fresh capital: SpaceX raised 567 million dollars with a goal of 600 million dollars in two roughly equal financing rounds and reported this to the US Securities and Exchange Commission at the end of May, reports the blog Teslarati. The valuation is said to have been $ 36 billion and a Tesla analyst SpaceX even estimated it to be $ 50 billion.

SpaceX is broadcasting on Tesla

Almost as a matter of routine, the company founded by Musk (i.e. before Tesla) in May 2002 has its Falcon-9 rockets, for a fee, transported into space for satellites and equipment to the international space station USS; the first step then almost always lands cleanly vertically on a platform and is used again. Last weekend, the second attempt was made for the first time with a crewed start - for the USA the manned return to space on its own thanks to SpaceX and Tesla boss Musk. In SpaceX's Dragon capsule, the two astronauts floated to the ISS, where they safely docked and will remain for several weeks.

According to analysts, this success of SpaceX is also having an impact on Tesla via the double CEO Musk, especially as the two companies are intensifying their cooperation. The Tesla Roadster will get rocket engines from SpaceX and the SpaceX Starship will get plaid drives from Tesla for flap control. With Starlink, SpaceX is also building a network of thousands of mini satellites that will bring high-speed Internet to remote regions of the world. The electric cars from Tesla will probably not be equipped with it, but Starlink should at least be suitable for the network connection of Tesla locations such as superchargers.

SpaceX worth a third of Tesla

Tesla is currently valued at around 160 billion dollars on the stock exchange. According to his own Twitter account at the beginning of May, CEO Musk actually found a good 10 percent less than that to be too much, but this only resulted in a brief slump. The rocket sister SpaceX is judged downright cautiously in comparison, despite its even bigger plans to Mars: According to CNBC, the latest funding was $ 36 billion.

A team from Morgan Stanley, which also monitors Tesla, sees a valuation of 50 billion dollars, reports the Benzinga portal. If everything turns out to be the best and, for example, Starlink's Internet offering gets off to a good start, SpaceX could also be worth a three-digit billion amount with 120 billion dollars.

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