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Why study a flight qualification abroad?

If flying and planes are your passion, you have a wide range to choose from. Limiting yourself to aviation is by no means limited to a single career. Choose from anything from a commercial or military aircraft pilot to building new air transporters with an emphasis on design and engineering.

Flight degrees are often offered as specialized institutes, but sometimes also at universities of applied sciences or vocational schools. You can choose between bachelor's degrees, diploma programs or master's degrees. For experienced students, the aviation industry also offers numerous areas for doctoral studies.

What will I learn when I study aviation abroad?

There are a variety of different areas in aviation to study. These include, but are not limited to:

Pilot - Aviation Science / Aviation

Many universities offer you the opportunity to acquire hands-on pilot training and license while studying, for example, a bachelor's degree in aerospace or aeronautical science.

Aviation business administration

Some universities offer specialized programs for those wishing to work with the business or management aspect of the aviation industry. Such programs usually teach you the general business and management principles and offer you the opportunity to specialize in areas such as aviation management, airport management, airline management, international air traffic management or flight operations.

Aeronautical engineer

For those with a more practical interest in aviation and aircraft, a more professional diploma or aviation engineering degree might be of interest. This will allow you to get into repairing and building aircraft. Your employers are often airports, commercial airlines, or one of the largest aircraft manufacturers around the world. Working as an aerospace engineer often requires some form of higher education and, in the name of safety, country-specific certification.

Aeronautical engineering

Aeronautical engineering is a slightly more study-intensive option for those with a keen interest in the engineering and design of aircraft. Such a program will allow you to understand and engage with the entire construction and design process of modern aircraft, including materials, computer systems and economic analysis of large design projects.

Air traffic management

With a degree in air traffic management, you can work in the increasingly complex field of air traffic control. Such professionals are of great or minor importance for the function and safety of flight, landing and take-off at all airports. As an air traffic management student, you will be up to date with the latest aviation technology and the development of new systems. This is an area with high earnings potential.

Here are some average stats for aviation jobs in the US, according to PayScale.com:

Average salary (based on role):

Program Manager, Aviation

Flight attendant

Pilot, corporate jet

Pilot, co-pilot or flight engineer

Helicopter pilot

$ 107.564

38.921 $

93,412 $

$ 100,251

72.361 $

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