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Antonio Carraro Calendar 2012: "Once upon a time, once upon a time ..."

The Antonio Carraro 2012 calendar is the result of a true passion for the art of photography that has been felt at Antonio Carraro for years. For a tractor it is more important than it is for a car to depict it, on the one hand to emphasize its image and on the other hand to document its uses. Oriano Stefan has been the company's official photographer for many years, in constant rotation with photography professionals (some of whom have become well-known fashion photographers) to portray, in an always original and slightly different way, the flaming red tractors that leave the Campodarsego factory.

The 2012 edition is entitled "Once upon a time ..." and is characterized by the concept summarized in the payoff of the publication: "Because dreaming is not a sin." The 2012 AC calendar marks the end of the series of the calendars dedicated exclusively to the AC tractors at work, with a series of 12 fairytale shots depicting the AC tractors, as always the main characters in all scenes, together with fantastic female costume figures. Every fairy tale tells the romantic story of the lady and her tractor in an ironic, but always elegant way: there is the lady bee with her Jonah, who dances in a fantastic garden; the little Indian high on her TRH 9800 looking for smoke signals on the horizon; the sexy Marschallin and the Groundcare SP 4400 HST model who directs traffic in Paris; and furthermore, a "Lady Burlesque" on a theater stage, together with an SRX 8400, articulated and reversible, elegant and discreet. And then Gretel, the beer girl, together with a TTR 9800 for haymaking in the mountains.

The 2012 Antonio Carraro calendar has a circulation of 25,000 copies distributed throughout Europe, Turkey, North Africa, the United States, South America and Australia through Antonio Carraro's commercial network.

Due to the uninterrupted publication since 1964, the Antonio Carraro calendar was given the title “Collective Calendar” during the photo exhibition in Padua from November 22nd to 27th 2011, which took place in the Altinate / San Gaetano cultural center in Padua. (see article Antonio Carraro calendar 2012 event "C’era una volta, once upon a time ..." - Because dreaming is not a sin)

The Antonio Carraro 2012 calendar is available from Antonio Carraro distributors and importers.