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What is a capital?

In most cases, the capital is a central city with the most significant collection of political institutions. Originally it meant the seat of government. However, since the seat of government is relocated from time to time, the term “permanent capital” has emerged. Today this designation is primarily symbolic and is not always synonymous with the seat of government.

For example, the Dutch have the seat of government in The Hague, while the capital is Amsterdam. Germany also had several government seats (Berlin, Bonn and even Flensburg for a short time) while the capital was Bonn from 1949 to 1990. Before and after it was always Berlin.

There is a specialty in South Africa. There is no official single capital here, but rather its tasks have been distributed over several cities. The executive branch is in Pretoria, the legislative branch in Cape Town and the judiciary in Bloemfontein. The seat of government, however, is only in Pretoria, which is why this city is mostly considered the DeFacto capital.

Political and economic center

In numerous cases, the capital is also the largest, or at least one of the largest cities in the country. The capital is seen as a permanent center and therefore attracts large companies as a stable institution. But there are also exceptions to this rule: Washington D.C. Although it is the capital of the USA, due to the vastness of the country, it has never been able to develop into an economic center. To date, Washington is not even among the 20 largest cities in the country.

Smallest capitals in the world

By far the smallest capitals in the world are Adamstown on the Pitcairn Islands with 50 inhabitants and King Edward Point on the South Sandwich Islands with only 18 inhabitants. Both are, however, not independent and sovereign states, but British overseas territories. Montserrat is also a British overseas territory. According to the constitution, the city of Plymouth is still the official capital there. After several volcanic eruptions between 1995 and 1997, however, there is no longer a single inhabitant and access to the city is blocked. The city of Brades then became the de facto capital.

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