How does one person change the behavior of the crowd

Personality developmentHow behavior can be changed permanently

Vision / meaning (what for?)

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What is my task?

Identity (who?)

How do I understand my role (role model, self-image)?

Beliefs (why?)

What is important to me (motivation, values, attitudes, beliefs)?

Skills (how?)

What competencies, skills or strategies do I have?

Behavior (what?)

What do I do specifically (action)?

Environment (where? When?)

In what context (space, time, reaction)?

These logical levels are hierarchically structured and mutually influence each other: higher levels enable and organize those below. Changes at a higher level thus result in changes at lower levels. A change on one of the lower levels can, but does not have to, affect the levels above.

Which behaviors a person can show depends on their abilities. The development of skills depends on the motivation of the person, who is fed by their motives, values ​​and beliefs. Motivation depends on a person's ideas about themselves - their identity: what do we think we are? How do we think others see us? Closely related to this is the level that goes beyond the individual: What do we want to achieve? What do we feel we belong to? What are we striving for?