What is web chat

Chat term explanation and definition

The English word chat stands for some new form of communication that is taking place in real time via modern media such as the Internet. In English "to chat" means something like chat or have a casual conversation.

The first form of chat emerged in the 1980s via CB radio and Usenet. At first that was To chat Due to the technical possibilities at the time, a pure text chat in which chatters could only send and receive characters. Meanwhile there is also the chat as Audio chat or even as Video chat. There are different systems of chat.

Also in the 1980s, the Finnish student Jarkko Oikarinen created the Internet Relay Chat, which is abbreviated as IRC. You need your own for the IRC Chat serverthat are networked with each other as well as certain client software. This is installed on the Chatters' computers or started using a browser. Specially developed IRC commands are used to control the client software. Also at Instant messaging there is no chat in a room accessible to third parties. This chat affects two people who have previously identified themselves.

The web chat

However, most people just chat on web chat because it is the easiest and does not require any additional software. These web chats usually take place on corresponding websites in so-called chat rooms. For example, there are chatters there who want to exchange ideas on a specific topic. At the Live support system the common web chat is also used. The Web chat partly also includes other offers such as IP telephony or a function for remote maintenance. On the other hand, IRC and instant messaging offer other options such as 'chat-logs', that is, recorded conversation logs. However, it is also possible to transmit data or hyperlinks.

However, it is common in all three variants to use a nickname. The real name is rarely exchanged among chatters. If several chatters meet, this place becomes Chat room and is open to any number of people. In 2009 the Federal Statistical Office published the figures that almost half of all 10 to 15-year-old Internet users use Internet forums, blogs or chats as a new means of communication. Schoolchildren and students even came to a value of 89 percent.

Good behavior is encouraged in the chat

In most chats and chat rooms, the so-called Chatiquette. It contains some rules that affect how chatters interact with one another. Failure to comply with the chatiquette first leads to a warning and then to exclusion. Since dealing with one another should be characterized by a certain politeness, the chatters also speak of the Netiquette. This includes, for example, a polite greeting for newcomers and insults of any kind are strictly prohibited. Since there can be heated discussions with different points of view, there are mostly Chat administratorswho then ensure a decent interaction in the chat. However, there are also real meetings among the chatters that have been agreed beforehand.

When the members of an IRC channel meet, this is known as a channel party. In Europe, the first meeting of chatters took place in 1987. This then became relay parties, which had a certain popularity.

Chat anonymity

A chat over the Internet, however, means that no chatter really knows with whom he is ultimately sharing the chat room. Since the nicknames can be chosen freely, the Nickname 'Foxylady25' also hide an older gentleman. Even in chats in which the users use a profile, no one can be sure that the information provided corresponds to reality. No chatter has to verify with his ID card or similar information. Chatters who give false information about their personality are called Fakes designated.

It is therefore particularly important to make this fact particularly clear to children and young people. Chatting, i.e. communicating on the Internet with people who usually have similar interests, is equally popular with children, adolescents and adults.

Unfortunately, every now and then this leads to a phenomenon that as Chat addiction referred to as. Most often it occurs with people who have just started chatting. People who live in a problematic environment can thus steer into an addictive behavior. Chat addicts are mostly also online addicts, whereby this circumstance is usually promoted by the fact that you can present yourself as a different personality that you actually are not. This can even lead to a loss of the sense of reality.

Chatting works all over the world

Modern technology enables chatters to communicate practically at the same time what is called synchronous referred to as. An asynchronous chat would have to take place at a different time, like e-mail traffic, for example. During a chat, the participants type their statements into an input field and send their text. The other participants receive the statement almost simultaneously on their monitors, although text messages can overlap. However, these overlaps are not shown. So it is not possible, as in a real conversation, to interrupt someone or speak at the same time.

In terms of the form of communication, chatting is more like exchanging text messages than a real conversation. Correct spelling or use of language is irrelevant during a chat. The language used is more like one slang and also has characteristics of a slang.

Since nobody can see the facial expressions of their chat partners, feelings are expressed using so-called emoticons. Emoticons consist for example of :-) and similar combinations. However, so-called acronyms are also used, i.e. abbreviations that reflect a common statement. A well-known one acronym is lol, which stands for laugh (ing) out loud. However, there is certainly the possibility of learning foreign languages ​​in a chat. However, one should note that normal chats are less suitable for this, as communication is usually more colloquial and slang-like. However, there are also chat rooms for those willing to learn that are more suitable for this.

Chat for common interests

Most people go to a chat forum for a variety of reasons. There are, for example, so-called Single chats, which are also called flirt exchanges. This is where chatters who are looking for a partner or a one-night stand meet.

However, other people are more likely to choose chat rooms where they can find other people with similar interests. Car lovers, amateur cooks and computer fans can meet in their own chat rooms. These can easily be found on the Internet under the relevant keywords. The providers are mostly Internet forums for like-minded people. In order to be able to participate actively there, only one registration is usually necessary. In many forums, however, there is also the option of participating in the chats as a so-called guest.

In such Internet forums, the members usually meet regularly for several years to chat and occasionally organize so-called Community meetingat which the chatters can then meet in person.

There are many reasons to join a chat room. In addition to the search for life partners or like-minded people, the chat is always about advice and Help asked in certain situations. For example, computer fans share their experiences with one another or car fans chat about repair tips.

Most of the chat rooms, though free can be made accessible with a registration, there are also chat rooms in which the participants have to pay. Most of the time, these paid chat rooms are only intended for a specific group of customers, such as a dating agency. The payment often includes a certain service, but not always. However, there are quite a few chat rooms in which the participants do not even meet to register have to to participate. If you want to chat for free, you should find out in advance whether the chat is really free.

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