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Game "Codenames": Creative word guessing

Status: 11.01.2021 11:45 a.m.

In "Codenames" the players become secret service chiefs and investigators. The basis of the investigation: a field with cards with words on them. Every word belongs to either the red or the blue team - but only the intelligence chiefs know which code name belongs to their team. That's why they take turns giving their agents tips so that they can guess the right code words.

Such a tip consists of an umbrella term and a number. If, for example, the words "net", "water" and "fish" are on the field, which are assigned to the blue team, the secret service chief of team blue could give the hint "fishing 3". This is how his agents know they have to come up with three fishing words. But be careful - maybe the word "hook" is on the field that belongs to Team Red! The team that is the first to guess all of its terms wins.


Since the code name field is shuffled after each game, there are an infinite number of combinations of terms. As a result, there are no limits to the imagination of the secret service chiefs to find new umbrella terms for the code names they are looking for and to juggle with language. However, they must always consider how their advice will be interpreted by the agents. It is precisely these different interpretations that make every Codenames game a lot of fun - every reaction can be represented, from cheering to violent head shaking.

"Codenames" is especially fun when the players know each other well and come up with the same terms through similar experiences, associations and ways of thinking.

For whom?2-8 players, ages 10+
How long?about 15 minutes
Game typeCommunication, creativity
AwardsGame of the year 2016
publishing companyCzech Games Edition
priceby 20 euros

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