How can I play the FIFA World Cup


Preliminary round:

The preliminary round is played in eight groups of four teams according to the championship system. Each team plays once against each other team in their group. The last two games of each group must be played at the same time. A win gives three, a draw one and a defeat zero points.

The ranking of each group is determined as follows:

  1. Number of points from all group games;
  2. Goal difference from all group games;
  3. Number of goals scored in all group matches.

    If two or more teams finish tied on the above criteria, their ranking will be determined on the basis of the following criteria:

  5. Number of points from the direct encounters of the teams with the same points in the group games;
  6. Goal difference from direct encounters between teams with equal points in group matches;
  7. Number of goals scored in direct encounters between teams with equal points in group matches;
  8. Fair play rating, determined on the basis of the number of yellow and red cards in all group games with the following deductions:
    - yellow card: minus 1 point
    - yellow-red card: minus 3 points
    - red card: minus 4 points
    - yellow and red cards: minus 5 points
    Only one of the above deductions is possible for a player per game
  9. Drawing of lots by the Organizing Committee for the FIFA World Cup.

The first and second placed teams in each group are qualified for the second phase (knockout round).

Knockout round:

The round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, the game for third place and the final will be played in the cup system (direct elimination). If the result is undecided after 90 minutes, there will be an extension of 15 minutes twice. In the event of a tie after extra time, the winner will be determined by penalty shoot-out.

The winners of the semi-finals play the final. The losers in the semi-finals contest the game for third place.

Yellow cards:

After the second yellow card, a player is banned from the next game. After the quarter-finals, all cards will be struck off. A yellow card in the semi-finals has no consequences with regard to the final or the game for third place.

Red cards:

A dismissal (red or yellow-red card) automatically leads to a suspension from a game. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee can retrospectively impose higher penalties.

Subsequent nomination:

Each association that qualifies for the final round is allowed to field 23 players (including three goalkeepers) with the numbers 1 to 23. The numbers on the back of the shirts must match the numbers on the official team list. The number 1 is intended for the goalkeeper.

The list with a maximum of 23 players must be sent to the FIFA general secretariat at least 14 days before the opening match of the final tournament. Only these 23 players are eligible to take part in the final round. Cases of force majeure recognized by the World Cup Organizing Committee are reserved.

Subsequent nominations: A player on the list may only be replaced if he sustains a serious injury up to 24 hours before his team's first game, FIFA has received a detailed medical examination report in one of the four official FIFA languages ​​and the Sports Medical Committee has confirmed this has that the injury is so serious that the player cannot compete. The association must nominate the substitute immediately and inform FIFA accordingly.