Why does Spotify not have a messaging function

Spotify: Edit playlist directly in Facebook Messenger

Spotify Announces New Partnership with Facebook Messenger and Windows Store
Image: Spotify The music streaming service Spotify has announced its partnership with Facebook Messenger and the Windows Store. Accordingly, Spotify is also expanding its functionality for users. The users of the Facebook Messenger now have the option of editing Spotify playlists directly in the messaging app or creating them together with friends.

Spotify Announces New Partnership with Facebook Messenger and Windows Store
Image: Spotify If a created Spotify playlist is published and then shared with friends in the group conversation, other participants can add other desired songs to the playlist in the chat. According to Spotify, this should also be possible without an account with the music streaming service: by tapping the blue "+" symbol - this is located next to the text entry field. A common playlist can be created on the desktop, iPhone, iPad or an Android device. How this works exactly for the respective device versions, Spotify has described on a support page. This is how you can create the group playlist on Spotify
Image: Spotify

Spotify for Windows 10 and Windows 10 S

Spotify is now also available for download in the Windows Store for Windows 10 and Windows 10 S. The app is available in the Windows Store in the 60 countries in which the Swedish music streaming service operates. Spotify will be available on Windows 10 starting with the Anniversary Update.

We recently reported that Spotify is currently experimenting with various functions in order to open up new sources of income. Among other things, the possibility is currently being tested for music companies that they can buy their songs in playlists of the streaming service. This might not meet with approval from some users. Learn more about this in the article: Unwanted music in the Spotify playlist.