Closes testosterone growth plates

How can some people continue to grow after they reach maturity?

Usually the cause is "acromegaly," but there are numerous possible causes.

It is impossible to grow in length after your bones have matured too much. This is due to the "epiphyseal plate". This is an anatomical structure in bone that is necessary for length growth in bones and degenerates at the onset of adulthood.

The most common cause of gigantism is acromegaly, although it is still not a common disease. The cause is an unusually high amount of growth hormone in the body, most commonly caused by a hormone-secreting tumor.

If this disease sets in before the epiphyseal plates have degenerated, it can keep them active. In this case, the patient continues to grow.

Note: if the beginning is after the hard drives have degenerated, it does not cause gigantism, but it does cause a very noticeable change in appearance, and the model for Shrek in the film suffered from this disease.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't notice your subquestions initially. Yes, another possible cause in men is testosterone deficiency as this hormone is usually responsible for the degeneration of the plates in men.

Edit 2: In women, estrogen is the hormone responsible, which explains why the length of both men and women does not depend on testosterone in either case

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