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My year in the USA

We take part in competitions and concerts and our boys choir ("Dirty Sam and the Boys") made it to the state competition. These state competitions are very important to everyone. The football team as well as the basketball teams and many other sports send their best athletes there to represent our school. Before and after tournaments there are assemblies in which they are cheered and honored - all during school days!


I myself had the opportunity to attend the DECA State Conference with my marketing class. We were in Seattle for 3 days, where we competed against more than 3,600 students from all over Washington. And actually 4 students from my school managed to qualify for the national DECA Conference in autumn! The whole school is very proud of it.

I really noticed the “school spirit” in “civil war”. This is how the games against our 'rivals' from the other high school in town (R.A. Long High School) are called. There were more than 1500 people at the football game in autumn! All in school colors and with banners and posters. And…. Mark Morris won! The following week we celebrated in our school.

Last week we had pie day at school. I only understood the meaning the second time ... On 03/14 (i.e. 14 March) there is “pie” in the math classes, because π = 3.14…. is. In my class we had 16 cakes ... But it's not unusual that there are sweets in math. Every Friday is "cookie friday" and a student brings biscuits with them. Why don't we have that in Germany? I think we should have something like Donut Tuesday or Cookie Friday too!

Speaking of food, Thanksgiving! Wow, there was so much to eat! But that's all Thanksgiving is all about. Everyone has heard of the turkey and that it is usually served with potatoes and cranberry sauce. But most don't know that it's the time for pumpkin dishes too! Pumpkin pie is usually served for dessert on Thanksgiving. In general, you can make anything out of pumpkin, which surprised me a little. The only thing I knew was pumpkin soup, but my host family had never heard of it….

Towards the end of 2013, the city became colorful: Christmas! A lot of the houses were decorated with all sorts of things and illuminated in color! It wasn't as extreme as I thought though - Americans also get an electricity bill ...

It was really weird for me on Christmas Eve. We went to church in the evening - after my host parents were back from work. Then we went to bed like every day. The next morning I was woken up at 6:30 AM by my host sister Brooke. After we got coffee from Starbucks (which we do every day without exception), we were then able to open our stockings! The first and only Christmas day was a very quiet festival. Actually we just sat around all day and in the evening we went to my host grandmother's for dinner. That was Christmas then. In the next few days everything was dismantled and packed away. My host family still finds it unimaginable that we will be in Germany for Christmas on the 24th and 25th. and December 26th!

New Year's Eve was overslept in my family. Everyone went to bed at 10:00 PM, and my host mother Sharla also had to work the next day. But I still celebrated a bit of New Year's Eve: with my family in Germany. While the New Year was toasted in Germany, it was just 3 p.m. for me.

We had a big ball in early January, our Winter Ball. I think my host sister spent about $ 400 on that one evening. And that's still a little unlike her friends ... I think I've invested around $ 200 in dress, makeup, hairstyling, and manicure. I went to the ball with my boyfriend too. But the ball is actually not that important. Everyone is looking forward to being super pretty on this evening and having a good time. The ball evening begins at 4 p.m. where everyone meets in their groups and is photographed by the proud parents. Then it's off to dinner - usually in an expensive restaurant. Before we went to the ball, professional photos were taken at the school. But I also had a lot of fun with the ball itself. Only that it was over at 11 am amazed me.

March 17th was St. Patrick's Day. It's an Irish holiday. And all sorts of things were sold in the weeks before: new types of coffee, cakes, cupcakes and lots of decorations, but nobody here can explain to me why it is actually celebrated!

I hope that I was able to convey a little bit about my year here to you. Speaking English has become so normal for me that I had to work very hard when writing in German ...;)

best regards