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labels indispensable LABELS SAY A LOT OF WHAT DO YOU SAY? Professional labeling machines for electricians and plumbers


1 labels are indispensable Professional labeling devices for electricians and plumbers LABELS SAY A LOT OF WHAT DO THEY SAY?

2 Clear labeling is important P-touch 7100VP Creating your own labels offers electricians, cable installers and other tradespeople four relevant advantages: 1 Professional installation Impress your customers with a professional quality installation with easy-to-read labels with practical symbols or your company logo. 2 Easier maintenance Clear identification of electrical and network components with Brother P-touch devices makes diagnosis and troubleshooting easier. Telephone and network connections Distribution boxes and switchboards The ideal introduction to professional labeling The PT-7100VP is the entry-level device for the electrical trade, can be used for tapes of 3.5 / 6/9 and 12 mm width. The device has more than 20 symbols from the electrical trade area that can be printed on the labels. Up to two lines of text can be used for this. Simple operation The function keys enable quick and easy access to all functions of the device. Choose from 9 font styles, 15 font sizes and 6 frame types and design your own individual label. The print preview shows the text entered in the run and provides information about the length of the label. 3 Easy handling Make life easier for your customers too. Label electrical parts, network and telephone connections and signs with Brother P-touch labels for easy handling and to reduce sources of error. 4 Safety Create professional warning signs and labels to make your customers aware of important safety aspects. Cables and Lines Cables Portable The PT-7100 is a lightweight, compact handheld labeling device. It is equipped with an ergonomic rubber handle and a carrying strap and is delivered in a hard case, in which the power supply unit and TZe tapes can also be accommodated. Scope of delivery P-touch 7100VP: Extra-strong adhesive TZe tape, black on yellow, 12 mm x 8 m hard case Power adapter P-touch 7100VP Features: 12 characters LC display Two-line printing Horizontal - vertical and mirror printing 107 symbols Phrase memory for up to 720 characters 15 font sizes and 9 font styles 6 frames

3 P-touch 7500VP and 7600VP P-touch 7500VP and 7600VP For professional use We have tailored the functions and features of the PT-7500 and PT-7600 to the needs of our customers. The robust and hard-wearing devices have a practical rubber handle so that they can be carried easily and safely. In addition, the devices are delivered in a robust hard-shell case with space to accommodate straps, accessories and power supply unit. Advantages of the PT-7500 and PT-7600 Label printer especially for electricians and installers Easily readable LC display with background lighting Symbols 164 symbols (including typical electrical, audio / video symbols) already included in the device Scope of delivery P-touch 7500VP: Extra- strong adhesive TZe tape cassette, black on yellow, 24 mm x 8 m hard case power supply unit carrying strap automatic numbering labels with increasing numbering can be created easily and simply. Ideal for marking cable harnesses! L1 L1 labels can be easily created Special key for label type for quick printing of the most frequently used label types 319/4 Features of PT-7500 and PT-7600: Protective rubber grip L2 L3 L2 L For use with 6,9,12,18 and 24 mm tapes Special key for label type for quick printing of the most frequently used label types Easily readable LC display with background lighting Practical cutting unit - no scissors necessary Practical cutting unit Both models have a cutting unit with automatic cutting pause so that the label is created with the correct length. You no longer need to cut the tape with scissors! 1 A5 A4 IN A3 A2 A1 IN 1 Automatic numbering Barcode printing FLR1 FLR1 7-line printing

4 P-touch 7600VP Other functions and advantages of the PT-7600 Rechargeable battery The device equipped with a rechargeable battery can easily be charged overnight by connecting the power adapter, making it environmentally friendly and saving money on conventional batteries. Design your own labels and load them into the memory of the PT-7600 The PT-7600 has a USB port and a cable for connection to a PC with Microsoft Windows. Use the supplied label design software to create your own layouts and add your own symbols or your company logo. The device offers ten memory locations for your specific images and label designs so that you have them available anytime, anywhere.

5 Professional labels Tested to the extreme protective layer (PET) Adhesive (acrylic) Color layer for the base film Adhesive (acrylic) Backing paper Font Abrasion-resistant Friction test: Laminated Brother P-touch labels and non-laminated labels from another manufacturer were processed with a 1 kg grinder . After 50 runs, the characters under the laminated P-touch label were still completely undisturbed and the laminated surface was only slightly scratched. The writing on the labels of the competition was affected in this test. Why do Brother P-touch laminated labels last longer? In contrast to ordinary labels, the laminated Brother P-touch TZe tapes consist of six layers of material. This creates a thin and extremely hard-wearing label. The writing is printed on the underside of the protective layer using a thermal transfer process and enclosed by two layers of a polyethylene film (PET). The result is a practically indestructible label that can withstand even the toughest conditions. Hardness tested You can rely on the durability of our labels because we have subjected them to extreme hardness tests against abrasion, temperature, chemicals and sunlight. The results show that Brother P-touch laminated labels outperform the competition, remain legible and adhere, so you always get durable, professional-quality labels. The laminated TZe labels are particularly durable thanks to six different layers. Abrasion-resistant back slot for easy removal Laminated Waterproof Resistant to most chemicals Light-resistant Strongly adhesive Strongly adhesive Resistant to most chemicals Temperature-resistant Light-resistant Temperature-resistant Adhesion test: Standard tape and extra strong adhesive tape were applied to a number of surfaces and left there for 30 minutes. The adhesive force was tested by peeling the labels at a 180 ° angle. Our strongly adhesive tape retained an average of 50% more adhesive force compared to our standard tape. Chemical test: Tapes were immersed in various liquids for 2 hours and neither the surface nor the structure of the labels changed. Although some labels showed minor changes after immersion in certain chemicals, rubbing the labels with a cloth soaked in those chemicals had no effect. A 500 g weight with a chemical and solvent soaked cloth was pulled 20 times over each label. In contrast to the non-laminated labels of the competition, this did not affect the quality of the laminated P-touch labels. Light resistance test: Various laminated Brother P-touch tapes with different background colors were attached to coated metal plates and then placed in a lighting chamber to simulate the UV exposure of a year in an outdoor environment. The tapes were then checked for visible changes. The font color remained unchanged and all characters were perfectly legible. Only tapes with red, yellow and fluorescent background colors showed fading. Other tape colors showed little or no change. Temperature resistance test: Laminated P-touch labels were glued to stainless steel, then heated and cooled. After 72 hours at -80 ° C. there were no visible changes in bond strength or color. After 2 hours at +150 C, the text remained completely intact except for a slight discoloration *. The TZe tapes with a matt silver tape color are the most resistant to high temperatures. * If the tapes are exposed to extremely high temperatures over a long period of time, the protective layer may peel off, discolor or contract. If in doubt, request some free sample labels from Brother so that you can carry out your own tests.

6 tapes for all types of use TZe tape range 3.5 mm Choosing the right TZe tape is crucial. That's why Brother has a wide range of labels specially developed for different applications. The patented back tape printing as well as the special adhesives ensure that your labels can withstand even the toughest conditions year after year. Laminated TZe tapes: In contrast to ordinary labels, our laminated tapes ensure that your text is protected between a layer of completely transparent polyethylene and the hard-wearing base layer. These practically indestructible labels are resistant to water, heat, cold, chemicals, abrasion and sunlight. Extra-strong adhesive TZe tape: Our extra-strong adhesive tape retained an average of 50% more adhesive force than our standard tape and is therefore suitable for more demanding surfaces. TZe Flexi-Tape: For wrapping curved surfaces of smaller diameter such as power cables, wires and pipes. Also ideal when the ends of the label need to be joined together. Create the perfect label anytime. The practical tape cassette can be changed quickly and easily. Simply open the cassette lid, remove the TZe cassette, insert a new cassette and close the cover. The label printer will automatically detect the bandwidth so your text will be printed at the correct size. Recommended Acceptable X Not Recommended

7 Specifications P-touch 7100VP P-touch 7500VP P-touch 7600VP Keyboard ABC with separate numeric keypad ABC with separate numeric keypad ABC with separate numeric keypad Cutting device Manual Manual with cutting break Manual with cutting break Power supply 6 x AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) Power adapter (included) 6 x AA Alkaline batteries (LR6) 6 x AA Rechargeable batteries WS adapter (included) LCD 12 characters per line 16 characters on two lines Display with backlighting Rechargeable battery (included) 6 x AA alkaline batteries (LR6) 6 x AA rechargeable batteries Mains adapter (included) 16 characters on two lines Backlit display Bandwidths 3.5 / 6/9/12 mm 6/9/12/18/24 mm 6/9/12/18/24 mm Max. 1 or 2.0) Minimum graphics card: SVGA with 16-bit color depth Other requirements CD-ROM drive for installation