How did Samson die

SAM: Obituary for rapper Samson Wieland Mourning in the music world from Cro to Schweighöfer

The rapper Samson Wieland from the hip-hop duo SAM died at the age of only 27. It is not only in Ochsenhausen that people mourn. An obituary.

Ochsenhausen / Berlin - Ochsenhausen on the Upper Swabian Baroque Street is not exactly considered the Mecca of hip-hop music. All the more astonishing that one of the most famous German rap musicians made his way from there: Samson Wieland, who formed the hip-hop duo SAM with his brother, DJ Chelo. Wieland, the son of a Zambian mother and a German father, received thorough training in guitar, piano and drums with his brother at the music school as a teenager, which certainly made many things easier and made possible for him.

Because on the one hand there was his career with SAM. In 2010 the two recorded their first demo album “Gute Musik”, but it was only noticed in their immediate vicinity. The duo caused a stir for the first time with the mixtape "Zwei NullZwölf". Shortly afterwards, in autumn 2012, the Stuttgart record label Chimperator Productions became aware of SAM and signed the brothers. This was followed by a tour in the support program of the Stuttgart pop rapper Cro on his tour of the German-speaking region for the album “Raop”. In keeping with the times, in 2013 they released the EP "Wir" exclusively digitally, which climbed to 79th place in the German music charts. The debut album "Two True Brothers" followed in February 2014, the single "Hallo ?!" reaching number 74 and the album number 27 in the German charts. This was followed by another tour, before their second album was released in March 2017, tellingly titled "Kleinstadtkids". Most recently, together with the Berlin rapper Nura, they released the single "Babebabe" in April this year, which hit the charts again. Only a few weeks ago the mini-album “Avision” was finally released, which would probably have earned the brothers laurels again.

On tour with Cro

Unfortunately, this will no longer happen. Because late on Friday it was announced on SAM's Facebook page that Samuel Wieland, who last lived in Berlin, had died at the age of only 27. A cause of death was not disclosed; under the post on Instagram there is only a black and white picture of Samson Wieland on which the words "rest in peace: 1990– 2018" are written.

Numerous musicians expressed their grief online. “See you all again, brother!” Wrote Cro. Psaiko Dino, the panda rapper's DJ, wrote: “One of the loveliest and nicest people I've ever met. Thanks for everything, brother. ”The actor Matthias Schweighöfer also published a picture with Wieland on Instagram. "Thanks for everything, you will be missed," he wrote.

Matthias Schweighöfer posts his sympathy

Schweighöfer recorded the song “Auf uns Zwei” with Samson Wieland last year. In addition to his rap career and the very melodic SAM titles, the trained musician Wieland has also made a name for himself as a songwriter. Among other things, he wrote songs for musicians as diverse as Andrea Berg, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Howard Carpendale and Die Lochis.

What for some of the supposedly tough rappers is interpreted as betrayal of the matter was also a need for Sam Wieland: Write songs without blinkers, whose structure and lyrics also squint at pop and not just fat-pants clichés spread. From this point of view, too, it will certainly be missing from the German-speaking hip-hop cosmos.