How long should you suffer grief

How long to wait after a pet dies to adopt a new animal?

This is a very common question among pet owners and also applies to cats. The death of such an important being is not taken lightly and one suffers greatly.

Last update: 02 May, 2018

Some believe that as soon as a dog or cat dies, another animal must be brought home in order not to suffer as much from the loss. Others think that it is necessary to grieve before adopting a new pet. How long should you after death your pet's waiting to bring home a new pet? We'll talk about it in this article.

How long should you wait after your pet dies?

This is a very common question among pet owners and also applies to cats. The death of such an important being is not taken lightly and one suffers greatly. Therefore, many recommend after death waiting a bit for your pet.

The process of grieving after our friend's death is not the same for every person and is influenced by many factors. We need to know it it is not possible to replace one animal with another, since all animals that come into our lives are unique and inexchangeable.

For example, when there are young children at home, we try to quickly forget about the animal that has died by bringing them a new one. But although we believe this is good for the little ones' mental health, it can cause more trauma.

The dog that comes home will bring back memories of the deceased and make your kids cry more than laugh, at least for the first time.

Therefore it is better to accept the death of the dog or cat firstbefore adopting another pet. The feeling of sadness we experience when a pet dies can be as great as that we experience when a loved one dies.

It is important to give ourselves the opportunity to express our grief, cry when we have to, and mourn for as long as we see fit. No one will erase from your mind or heart the memories you had with your pet (who was family member), and the sadness is understandable. The time we give each other before we adopt a new, loyal friend is important in order to grieve properly and not to procrastinate grief.

There is no replacement after your pet dies

Bringing home a new friend is not a decision that should be made when we are sad and look for a replacement. It is necessary to think about it and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this being, who from now on will be part of our family.

It is normal for us to choose to adopt an animal that is very similar to the one that died. Why? Because we want it to return or we don't want to suffer the loss so much. But this new pet is only physically similar to the deceased, and that can make us even more depressing and saddened.

Never try to replace a dog or cat, or to expect them to act the same way or have the same character and habits. Every animal, like humans, is unique, irreplaceable and indispensable.

Once the grief is over, the next step is to find a new friend. There are many clubs where you can adopt stray or abandoned dogs. The conservation organizations that house animals are easy to find and you will be more than welcome there if you go with the intention of taking a dog home with you.

If after your dog's death you have decided not to have any more animals, you can at least help with donations for these initiatives or even have dogs at home for a few weeks until they recover or find a home.

The adoption specialists confirm that this can be good therapy to overcome the death of our loyal friend. Maybe it's a way to get in touch with new dogs and you realize that whoever looks at you from heaven would be happy if you gave someone who doesn't have a home a chance to live with you .