Does olive oil really help your skin?

Olive oil for the skin - this is how it works

In addition to its uses in the kitchen, there are other positive properties of olive oil - for the skin, for example. You can read about what these are and how you need to use olive oil so that you benefit from the nourishing properties in our home tip.

Olive oil - this is how skin care works

Above all, olive oil soothes persistent itching and gives your skin back the moisture it needs. After just a few applications, you will notice that your skin becomes more moist and softer. How to best use it, read below:

  1. Heating: For optimal development of the nourishing effect, you should heat the olive oil in advance. It doesn't have to boil, it just has to be warm enough that you can still touch it without feeling pain. You can heat it in a saucepan or in the microwave. It is much gentler in the pot and you can monitor the optimal temperature with a kitchen thermometer.
  2. Rub in: After you have heated the oil to a comfortable temperature, you can apply it to the affected parts of the body. You can do this with your hands or a spoon. Apply the oil thinly and evenly.
  3. Wrapping: So that the oil stays warm for as long as possible, you should wrap the oiled parts of the body with a cloth. It is even better if you put cling film over the areas beforehand. This will keep the oil off the cloth and prevent it from being soaked up. If you wrap the cloths tightly around the areas, the heat will be retained for a long time and the oil can work better.
  4. Resting time: after you have applied the olive oil to all parts of your body, let it take effect. Depending on how much your skin is irritated and stressed, you need to let the compress work for at least half an hour. It is even better if you can even find an hour. If you create a relaxed atmosphere, this will improve not only your complexion, but also your state of mind.
  5. Washing off: After the exposure time is over, rinse off the olive oil thoroughly. You can use lukewarm water and, if necessary, a skin-friendly shower gel for this. You are also protecting your skin if you use pH skin-neutral shower gel. Note: If you notice after or during the rest period that the skin itches even more, you may be allergic.
  6. Repetition: You can repeat the olive oil treatment every three to four days. That depends especially on how badly your skin is suffering from dryness and itching. If the situation improves, you can reduce the treatments to once a week.

Dry scalp is a problem especially in the winter months. In the next at-home article, you will therefore learn what you can do against a dry scalp.