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Off Lines Reporters Block.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and when I met Christophe at Insights-X in Nuremberg, I found this simple reporter block extremely interesting. A few weeks later a package from Off Lines arrived, including the reporter's pad, a pen and enough thought notes for the next few months! And since then I've always had this small, stylish block of leather with me, using it for ideas, notes, shopping lists, to-do lists ... for just about everything.

Go off lines now!

Christophe Chayriguet has always been the type who constantly wonders how you can do something differently or better. You can imagine that many ideas come together here. At some point he realized that he had a lot of ideas, but nothing happened with these ideas - nothing happened.

At the beginning of 2008 he came across David Allen's GTD, a system and a collection of “best practices” for stress-free productivity. That helped him to give his thoughts a logical structure in a place outside of his head.

The quick capture of ideas, ToDos and much more is one of the main steps at GTD. Notes are then systematically reviewed at a later point in time - one at a time. You then have to make the decision whether you want to pursue the recorded thoughts or not. If so, the point is to define the next physical steps.

At the end of 2008 Christophe started to develop a small pad where you can easily remove the pages one by one and this small, beautiful, simple device is really a great invention.


The block of black leather in front of me feels first class. I feel high-quality leather, see a small card slot, a rubber band, memo, a pen loop and a very small ballpoint pen from Online, perfect for spontaneous ideas.

The paper on the thought slip feels just as good as the little pad itself. You feel a little bit like Columbo when you pull the pad out of your jacket or trouser pocket to quickly write something down.

"What do you have there?" I heard the sentence quite often recently. “Thought paper,” I usually said, “for ideas and such,” and most of them thought the Off Lines block was really great.

With Off Lines you always have a pen and paper with you. Regardless of whether you just have to jot down a phone number or a few sentences, this small, helpful tool works perfectly.

And if the sheets are running out, no problem, a 100 GB refill pack can be ordered at any time.

100 GB are:

  • 100 thought sheets
  • 90g paper
  • Color: cream
  • Dimensions: 7.4 x 10.5 cm (Din-A-7)
  • Including new rubber ring
  • Price: 5.90 euros

Just go offline!

It's really worth it here. Because if you place your order with Off Line by post, you will receive a 10% reduction. So Off Lines is not just the name, Off Line says it all. The best thing to do is to send your order directly by post to:

off lines - Kranzer 13 - 87674 Gaissach

The 10% will then be deducted directly from the invoice. Of course there is still a website. Anyone who travels with pen and paper is by no means a thing of the past!

I'll introduce you to the massive paper station in a few days ...

Many thanks to Christophe. The free products didn't influence my opinion. If something hadn't been right, I would have written it that way too. Great products get praise - that's the way it is!


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