How can I change my clan name

Clash of Clans: Change name - this is how it works


If you have selected a username in Clash of Clans that you are no longer satisfied with, you can change it. However, this does not work in the menu or in the settings of the mobile game, but via the developer's support.

Contact support: change name to Clash of Clans

It is not possible for you to change the name in Clash of Clans yourself. There is no option in the app's menu to do this. If you use your real name or are no longer satisfied with your account name, you can only change it by contacting Clash of Clans support.
  1. First, open the Clash of Clans app.
  2. Then tap on the gear symbol to get to the settings of the game.
  3. Now select "Help and Support" and tap on "Contact" above for any question.
  4. An email will now open.
  5. Write to Clash of Clans Support that you would like to change your name. To do this, enter both your old name and the new name you want for your account.
It may take a few days for Clash of Clans support to respond to your request. He will inform you by e-mail whether it is possible to change your name in Clash of Clans and whether you need to provide further information in order to verify yourself as the owner of the account.

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