How do I write white papers

White Paper - the document for advertising with facts

In German usage, when you mention the term “white paper” (also: “whitepaper”), one first thinks of the proverbial blank slate. However, this is not about empty content, but a type of text that has its historical origin in Great Britain Has. Originally were White papers used in British government policy in the 1920s. At that time, a distinction was made between government papers with white envelopes and longer legal texts with blue envelopes

The purpose of the papers was to explain political solutions to the government, the content being limited to facts and reasoning. Also in German are so-called White papers known that are used, for example, in government communication - such as the Bundeswehr White Paper. The term “white paper” was finally adapted in the branches of industry and trade, where it stands for the explanation of theories about new technologies or products.

Accordingly, the first commercial use of white papers was in the technology industry. In the modern Computer industry they have been used since the 1980s. In the meantime, the term “white paper” is also used commercially marketing used, mostly still in the technology area. As a rule, white papers provide information and media to convince decision-makers of a technical solution and to encourage them to invest. The linguistic style is clearly differentiated from conventional marketing or advertising, as investors should be convinced with neutrally formulated arguments and collected facts.