Which light is best for makeup?

The right light when applying make-up

Have you ever had the moment when you asked yourself in the daylight whether you put on make-up at home with your eyes closed? What looked very vivid in the dark little room sometimes looks very different in the wild. One reason for this could be that you used the wrong light when applying makeup. Without wanting to dive too deeply into the matter, we probably still know from physics lessons that light can have different colors.

Ever since light bulbs have gradually been switched to LED or energy-saving lamps, we have had to decide whether we want cold or warm light. One has a more yellowish, the other a bluish touch.


Cold and warm light

What does that mean for your make-up result? Cold or warm light influences the look of your look. A combination of blush and lipstick that looks good in warm, yellow light can quickly look a little eccentric in daylight. That is why I recommend that you use daylight or daylight lamps.

It is also important where the light comes from. Our face has different "heights" that influence the look. Light from above intensifies shadows under the eyes and quickly leads to applying far too much concealer. In the worst case scenario, it looks completely plastered in daylight. The nose can also cast shadows. When the light comes from below, the bags under the eyes appear more - you don't want to either. That is why it is best here to direct the light directly onto the face. There are extra make-up mirrors with integrated lighting for this.

I hope you enjoyed my little light excursion and I was able to solve a little mystery if you have already found yourself in one of the situations mentioned above and had no idea why that was the case.