Does anyone hear drum and bass

A night with drum and bass

Idea / concept
The idea for the aftermovie came from the crewhead of the Zurich DnB crew "Divercity". Since I had photographed them several times at events, I was asked to create an aftermovie.
The assignment was relatively clear and there weren't many guidelines. The video should be "faster" than the old one and not so boring.

What was missing from the old videos was a story. The idea for the aftermovie was to reproduce the night from the artist's point of view. We started taking the first shots several hours before the actual event. Pick up the artists at the airport, eat with the artists, set up the club, etc.

There wasn't a lot of time to implement the aftermovie. The time slot was from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., with the club opening at 11:00 p.m.

Problems that had to be taken into account: the people. The Zurich club “Härterei” is a relatively large club, but the DnB’s keep luring enough bassheads out of their holes that the club is almost bursting at the seams. It was sometimes quite difficult to get through the club in one piece with the camera. Sometimes it was even easier to go backstage and walk back into the club than through the crowd. I also knew the lighting situation from taking photos. A club must of course not be as bright as day, so it had to be filmed with a high ISO. In this case, the film was filmed with ISO 5000/6400.

A small shot list was created with shots that have to be taken or have to be included in the video. So there was the list with the fixed shots and the rest was all out of the situation, because you can't plan what the people in the club are doing.
The atmosphere was great and very interesting shots were taken.

Before the cut it was first time to sift through and sort. With so many different locations and situations filmed, viewing the footage took almost a day. When the material was sorted, however, it was very pleasant to work because you can find everything directly. Sorting is essential for larger projects. Since it was an aftermovie for the label night of "Hospital Records", it was logical that the music should also be from the London label. The choice of music turned out to be not that easy. So that the intro could work as planned, but also the club scenes, a song had to be found that starts slowly and has a suitable drop. The cut was then put together step by step and then a color grading was created.

Only a Canon C100 was used for the film. At the beginning it was considered to take a shoulder stand or a monopod with you. However, this would not have been very pleasant in a full club and one would no longer have been so mobile.

The video was a challenge. It was my first aftermovie that I had created and before the shoot was already quite nervous whether I would achieve the desired quality for myself and the customer. The greatest difficulties were the times. Since so much happens at the same time on a club night like this, you always have to be in the right place. Shoot the food scene with one of the artists and then literally sprint out of the restaurant to drive to the airport, otherwise you would pick up the remaining artists too late and then find out at the airport that both flights are delayed. You shouldn't let yourself be influenced by things like that and just go with the flow.
I had a lot of fun tackling a project that made me really jittery again.
The most important thing I take away from this project is that a good data structure before the cut can make life so much easier.