What are some good work boots

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Your feet are in the same pair of shoes at work for at least eight hours a day. This does not include the way to work. A long time ... so that you and your feet can get through everyday work comfortably and healthily, it is worth taking a closer look at the footwear.

Comfortable, stable and safe - you should pay attention to:

1. High commitment in the job requires a good foundation
What is needed are shoes that provide support and are comfortable over the long term.

2. The toes need air forward
About a thumb's breadth of space to the tip of the shoe is sufficient.

3. Choose the right width
The shoe hugs the side of the foot without constricting it.
Adjust the width using laces or Velcro
At your feet.

4. Good profile against slipping
Shoes with a well-profiled sole are a good choice.

5. Avoid high heels
Flat shoes are especially good when you stand or walk a lot.

In some work areas, special requirements apply - for example for care shoes.

6. Change shoes more often
Carrying several pairs alternately stimulates the feet.

7. Give your shoes a break
Let the work shoes air out for at least one day,
before you use them again. In addition, the insoles

8. Rely on a subdued appearance
In the heel area, cushioning reduces pressure.

9. Make sure you have a comfortable footbed
A cuddly insole ensures that the foot can create its own, suitable bed.

10. Safety first
Avoid flip-flops, high-heeled pumps, clogs, etc. You should be able to stand and walk accident-free at work.

What is what in work shoes?
Safety shoesProtective shoesWork shoes

Who is responsible?
Depending on the risk situation at the workplace, it may be the duty of employers to provide employees with suitable shoes as personal protective equipment (PPE). Companies are responsible if, according to the risk assessment, there are particular hazards. For example, if foot injuries from external influences - bumping, trapping, soaking or the like - are to be expected.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, companies must promote safety in the workplace. This includes making it clear to employees which shoes are suitable for which areas of activity and why. But employees must also behave in a safe manner - this includes wearing suitable shoes.