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Should Lionel Messi leave FC Barcelona? Pros and cons

Lionel Messi has apparently asked FC Barcelona for clearance until 2021 despite an ongoing contract. Would it make sense to say goodbye to the 33-year-old? Pros and cons.

On Friday, Messi and Barcelona failed in the Champions League quarter-finals with 2: 8 at Bayern Munich (the highlights in the video). A downfall that exposed a number of focal points. Not only Messi's future is unclear, but also the future occupation of the coaching post.

Why Lionel Messi should leave FC Barcelona

by Filippo Cataldo

In terms of sport, FC Barcelona has very different problems than Lionel Messi. Even if he went down in the 2: 8 against Bayern and he certainly didn't help his teammates for the rest of the game with his resigned body language at half-time, Messi is still above all doubts in terms of sport and is actually inviolable.

And yet it would be better for Barca if Messi left his great love for at least a while. Because Lionel Messi's biggest problem at Barca is: Lionel Messi.

While Messi is still Messi, Barca have not been Barca for a long time. In the past few years, the Catalans have been able to hide that poorly, mainly thanks to Messi. This is one of the reasons why the club slept through the upheaval in the team that had been necessary for years, which is also why those responsible were allowed to continue to dabble.

Also because Messi performed well, the blatantly wrong strategic decisions made by management in recent years initially remained largely without consequences. Because Messi regularly did Messi things, after the haphazard transfers of Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele, those responsible were allowed to make the in all respects unnecessary move from Antoine Griezmann and burn even more of the money that Barca actually no longer had.

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But Barca's problems have now become so big and profound that even the best footballer in history cannot solve them alone and permanently, he would need at least his extravagant twin by his side. Messi would have guessed that. Those responsible, the current and possible new ones, tend not to. And even if they did, they wouldn't dare to really change anything - at least as long as Messi is at the club.

When in doubt, it would always mean that you have Messi. Messi will remain the best excuse to really address the issues. In addition: As long as Messi is at Barca, his old friends, the powerful "Amigos Club" around Jordi Alba, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets and Sergi Roberto, will want to stay too. At least some of them. They would block the rebuilding - and probably make life difficult for any new coach who might have other ideas from the start.

But Barca will not be able to afford further procrastination for much longer anyway. The problems are too existential for that. If they don't act consistently now, Barca are threatened with a fate like AC Milan - and things should go reasonably well there. Barca would not find peace with Messi.

Least of all that is Messi's fault. And yet he may be the only one who can solve the problem. If he really wants to help Barca then he'll clear the way for a real fresh start.