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Cooking recipes from New York

When the longing is so great that no webcam or souvenir or gift can help you, what do you have to do? Right, get on the next plane and fly to New York. If you cannot do this because you haven't built an empire with proprietary software or oil and earn your money with honest work, you have to help yourself differently. Since love goes through the stomach, we have dedicated a small chapter to the subject of "Cooking like in New York". Bon Appetit!

The Americans and Cooking? That doesn't work at all! In the "New World" there is only fast food and nobody has time to cook anything. This broad opinion may not even be entirely wrong for America, but for New York we can calmly pronounce a different judgment. Why? Well, the answer lies in the myriad of restaurants from different cultures. The melting pot "New York" creates such interesting constellations as a "French-Japanese" restaurant (first-class food and if we find the business card again, the address is handed in later ...).

But one of the prejudices already mentioned still applies - especially for Manhattan: "Nobody has time to cook anything". Nevertheless, there are now countless recipes that have become "typical" New York dishes and that are worth trying again - and not only if you are "wanderlust" ...

A large part of the recipes was of course the result of the countless immigrants who set out for the "New World" to start a new life - without forgetting their culinary roots. And that's exactly what makes it so interesting (and delicious).

By the way, the classic fast food like "Hot Dogs", "Big Mäcs" etc. doesn't really taste as fresh and tasty anywhere as in New York. However, we are not alone with this opinion - even the real "fast food grouches" suddenly (of course "undercover") struck hard at the relevant locations with a "happy smile".

Links to cooking recipes

The headline is called Links, but we have found a link on the subject of "A culinary journey through the USA" that can hardly be topped.

America Culinary has pages with information on US cuisine and regional menus - New England, the South, California, the West, the Northeast, Tex-Mex, Thanksgiving dinner, and barbecue. Also recipe pages for soups, main courses, fish, salads, side dishes, desserts and pastries, breakfast, muffins, bagels, snacks, cocktails and "secret" recipes from US restaurants!

There are also:
  • Help with converting cups, ounces etc. into metric measures.
  • Food links and sources of supply for US products in Germany.
  • Search and service pages.

Literature tips

My New York cookbook

The Swiss culinary artist "Peter Bührer" presents culinary recipes from the cosmopolitan city of New York. There really is everything: breakfast and brunch with crispy waffles, aromatic pancakes and delicious egg dishes, sophisticated snacks to take away, soups and sandwiches, steaks and burgers, tacos, fajitas and burritos, pizza and pasta, Chinatown food, seafood and of course delicious desserts .

The ingenious illustrations by Pop Art artist "James Rizzi" complement the volume and ensure that this book is really collectable, even among art fans!

M. Hahn, Munich
Peter Bührer, James Rizzi
My New York cookbook
What's cooking

168 pages
ISBN 3-8728-7432-2

American Cookies

James Rizzi, the New York cult artist, brings art into everyday baking with this extraordinary book. His cheerful motifs can of course also be found in this new Christmas baking book, which contains tempting recipes for cookies from America and a special chapter for real American Christmas cookies.

Südwest-Verlag, Munich
Peter Bührer, James Rizzi
American Cookies and more
96 pages
ISBN 3-5170-6323-1

Christmas Cooking in New York

"Christmas in New York is a very special event. A feast for the eyes and a delight for the palate at the same time. The big streets of the Big Apple shine in the glow of colorful fairy lights, the department stores compete with each other for the most beautiful Christmas decorations, and colorful Christmas cookies beckon in the displays of the grocery stores and bakeries. "

The renowned Swiss master chef "Peter Bührer" has compiled over 80 original Christmas recipes from the Big Apple in this book. The New York artists "James Rizzi", "Susannah MacDonald" and "Linnea Pergola" have specially made color illustrations for it. "

There is probably nothing more to add to this quote from the blurb - except perhaps to point out that this book is an absolute must for New York and art fans!

If you don't want to order the book online here, please make sure that you get a copy with a music CD and get into the right Christmas mood (unfortunately, the book is also available again without a CD!)!

Südwest-Verlag, Munich
Peter Bührer, James Rizzi
Christmas Cooking in New York
72 pages
ISBN 3-5170-6091-7

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